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Name: Bonnie (F)
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02-12-2015, 06:22 PM
Wearing: Jeans and my doctor who experience t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt
Hair: Down.
Makeup: None.
Eating: Nothing. Just had dinner
Drinking: Cranberry cordial.
Thinking: Does cordial sound really posh, or is that just me?
Feeling: Bit meh and tired, but that seems to be my general mood this past week.
Talking to: No one
Hearing: My brother talking to his friends on his laptop.
Loving: How organised my dvd collection is getting
Wanting: To stay home tonight.
Hating/Mad at: My Life. The World. The Job Market. Pick one.
Waiting: For it to be time to leave.
08:27 PM
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Name: Mel (F)
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03-06-2015, 08:27 PM
Wearing: rolled up blue jeans, loud oversized shirt with a tail (it's blue,green, yellow and white and an explosion of patterns), vicky's red converse (bc i need to buy new shoes and my vans are wrecked)
Hair: pink, purple and blue, completely unstyled so the short side is a bit scruffy.
Makeup: mascara and red lippy
Eating: mushroom and spinach quaesedilla
Drinking: water
Thinking: i don't want to go back to work in a minutes.
Feeling: headachey but better after catherine just massaged the knot out of my shoulder
Talking to: evie, guilio and mauro
Hearing: the work playlist (some top 100 on spotify playlist with all the rap taken out)
Loving: just about everything at the moment. especially the black out on tumblr!
Wanting: to be better at running
Hating/Mad at: people who are unnecessarily rude and mean to other people (ie: dancing man )
Waiting: for midnight so i can close the tills and go home to bed!
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Name: Kieran (M)
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03-22-2015, 02:52 PM
Wearing: Grey sweatpants and American style t-shirt.
Hair: Brushed back - needs cutting again.
Makeup: None.
Eating: Just had some Gluten Free goodies.
Drinking: Summer fruits squash.
Thinking: About what just happened in The Flash.
Feeling: Happy and excited.
Talking to: Bonnie on Skype.
Hearing: Calvin Harris Ft. HAIM - Pray to God.
Loving: That Spring might have arrived in England.
Wanting: To finish moving stuff to Mum's.
Hating/Mad at: Nothing.
Waiting: To move, for bonus/pay day, for Manchester and Sweden '15.
So this is farewell, the fight's final bell and I fall where I stand.
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09:15 AM
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Name: Bonnie (F)
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06-05-2015, 09:15 AM
Wearing: My Marvel PJs and bathrobe.
Hair: Down, in need of a wash
Makeup: None.
Eating: Just had some cereal with chocolate.
Drinking: Liquorice tea.
Thinking: What time do I need to get ready to be at work in time?
Feeling: Tired.
Talking: To no one. Well, I just yelled at the dog for barking at our neighbours.
Hearing: My own typing. It's a bit quiet.
Loving: It's finally sunny
Wanting: A lot of things, really, some massive like a life-changing event and everything falling into place and something that's probably too philosophical to think about at 9 in the morning, and some small like wanting it to be the weekend (well, Sunday) and stuff.
Hating/Mad at: Nothing in particular. Annoying people, I suppose.
Waiting: For July. A week of England ^_^

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