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Genetics are altered through evolution or various forms of science, which is what separates the mutants from the superhumans; the X-Men from the Avengers. More Details
The premise of Eternal Conflict takes us to a world that once was much like our own. Approximately 5,000 years ago, there were human-like beings inhabiting the planet. They were large in numbers. Billions in the two-digit numbers lived in a society ruled by technology that had been developed during a history extending another 3,000 years back. Thes More Details
Have you ever wondered if there was more to the world than just what meets the eyes? What if there really is hell? What if there really are fighters for good? And both wield magic so strong and so magnificent, that the world tremors when they clash? Wrestling With Demons is an RPG entertaining this idea, allowing you to join either the d More Details
The Academy of Demonic Arts (short: ADA) is home to demons and tainted humans. The RPG is part of the large Wrestling With Demons battle RPG. More Details
The Facultas Gigno Benevolentia (the power to bring forth benevolence; FGB) came to be in a covenant between the gifted and the spirits of the five, pure humans. More widely known as Forces of Good, it is home to witches and other good beings. The RPG is part of the large Wrestling With Demons battle RPG. More Details

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