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The Avenging Flatmates [Post #1]
Okay, so this is Avengers-verse again, sue me. However, this has a twist and as such, it deserved a new thread because if the other RP gets off the ground (*cough*) then it won't have this super awesome twist!

Basically, none of them a superheroes. None of them have powers, or are Gods or super soldiers... they're just normal people in New York who happen to live with one rich guy named Tony Stark who was bored one day and decided to get five roommates. Being Tony Stark, he accepted the first five who applied without even checking to see who they were. This could end badly...

Cast of Characters
Tony Stark played by ?
Thor played by Hush
Clint Barton played by Sobriquet
Steve Rogers played by Captain America
Bruce Banner played by ?
Natasha Romanov played by Black Widow

If anyone wants to play versions of Fury, Loki or Pepper or anyone Avengers-related, that's absolutely fine! Just post a little description of them in this verse so we have some idea what they're like because none of the characters will obviously be exactly the same. As such:

Steve Rogers
Steve just returned from an extended tour in Afghanistan after receiving a leg injury. As such, he now walks with a limp but it hasn't put a damper to his optimistic mood. Steve's a real family man and is just happy to be around people again. As long as they don't try to kill him. He doesn't keep the gun beside his bed for no reason.

A foreigner with a strong sense of moral responsibility and honor, Thor is a genuinely kind man with a great sense of responsibility. He is a carpenter with a strong sense of family -coming from a family with an adopted brother- and holds strong allegiances with his friends. No one is sure where he is from, originally. They only know that he speaks in a very formal manner.

Post yours and I'll add it here for reference. As soon as we get a Tony and a Bruce, we can get started!
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