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The Facultas Gigno Benevolentia (the power to bring forth benevolence; FGB) came to be in a covenant between the gifted and the spirits of the five, pure humans. More widely known as Forces of Good, it is home to witches and other good beings. The RPG is part of the large Wrestling With Demons battle RPG.

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First there were the Archons. Seven beings made of pure energy and power. Having entire dimensions at their disposal, the dead stars soon lost their appeal. Toys were needed; puppets to play with and a place for them to be toyed with. So a new planet was created, yet do not deem this to be like our Mother Earth. It was all but rock with dry winds and a hot sun burning down on the poor creatures that possessed no conscious mind or free will. It soon became apparent that this attempt had been nothing but a failure. Easily bored, one the Archons created a void, parallel to the dimensions they resided in. A world made of torment, heat and flames to burn what had gone so devastatingly wrong. A void that one could regard as what we refer to as "Hell". In a second attempt, the seven Archons created a new world. This time the puppets would be more than that. Fashioning them after themselves, they would have instincts and be as much a pinnacle of this new world as the Archons were to the entire dimension. As yet another failure seemed within reach because their new toys where hardly more than mindless beasts, the Archons decided they would give humans emotions much like their own and an aware conscience to process those emotions of others. The gift of pride was given by the eldest, for the humans to ever evolve they needed to feel within themselves a self-gratification from their triumphs. Envy was second, to strive for what they did not have. Wrath was given by the third, for in their anger they would accomplish more than being passive. Greed was needed to provoke a want to acquire what they usually could not. Lust was to heighten their feelings and see the beauty in each other. Gluttony, for the Archons were willing to give everything their world had to offer to the humans and wished for them to enjoy it. Finally, Sloth, for without sloth there could be no hierarchy created. To prevent yet another complete failure, the Archons decided to "test" these gifts first. Each gift would be bestowed on another exemplar of mankind, so all seven could be discarded easily if this attempt did turn out to be in vain yet again. And as it is mankind's nature, these seven humans fell into the bad side of these vices and thus began to ruin the Archon's creation once more by tainting the remaining humans. To save the remaining world of following this destiny, the seven tainted humans along with the more strongly tainted were cast into the void where the first creation had been burning until this very day and would be burning for all times to come. However, the damage was done; the seed of a free will had been planted and was spreading. Once more the Archons were about to get rid of their creation. But create a third world? These toys of theirs modeled after themselves appeared to not be worth the effort. Being tired and bored the seven Gods decided to leave this dimension in search of another where the presets might prove more successful to them. But what to do about a dimension that was bound to a void separated only by a barrier maintained by their own magic? The youngest Archon bestowed five of the remaining humans - five he considered particularly pure and untainted - with the power to maintain this barrier between the worlds. Planting the destiny of maintaining this wall that separated the worlds in their head, this dimension finally proved to hold nothing for the Archons anymore. Leaving but a residue of their magic, they parted from this dimension to take on another. Decades, centuries of a time began where all but five humans that had received the gift of magic from the youngest Archon would maintain the barrier. When these blessed humans passed on, their magic and spirit combined created a realm above to watch over and guide the defending of the barrier. Countless years passed in which the gift of magic was passed on to their children and descendants, and the proximity to those spots where the wall between the worlds was exceptionally thin allowed the other world to create more powers with vast qualities and properties in them that were beyond belief and perception of the average human. The legend of unspeakable evil to reside between the walls of their Earth passed down to every being to possess magic; it destined their life to defending the barrier and keeping anything from crossing over even if it took their life. And soon this dedication became more than needed as the residue power of the Archons dwindled, weakening the barrier and even cracking it in places; as how could five mere humans maintain a wall created by seven Gods? As time passed these cracks got bigger allowing those strong enough a form of a passage way to walk between the worlds and it was the "Five Sinned Ones" to cross over first. They were five warlords that had been the first to imbue their personality and body with all Seven Sins. Having spent eternity in a lifeless and burning world their will had risen to a level to manifest itself, allowing them to manifest thoughts into solid matter or manipulate it - a form of magic of their own. These warlords had mastered control over the Sins, using them as much as source as well as fuel for their abilities. Because their destiny deemed it necessary, an alliance between pure, magical beings was created, their goal to fight back what they called demons and to bring forth goodness over sins. In a covenant between the gifted and the spirits of the five, pure humans, the [b][i]facultas gigno benevolentia[/i][/b] (the power to bring forth benevolence; [b]FGB[/b]) came to be. This organized their magic and gifts, giving their powers a source and purpose, and in turn, enabled them to strengthen humans that came to be known as witches in the fight against what their world would call "demons". Witches and mages who pledged themselves to that power would find themselves gifted beyond the average witch who practiced magic and fought alone. Leaders were appointed by the spirits of the original five untainted humans - later to be referred by witches as "Elders" and "the Powers that Be" - to guide the [i]Forces of Good[/i] in maintaining the barrier as well as they could and fight those who crossed from the void. These "Guides" would teach and recruit witches for their cause, and acting as emanations from the Powers that Be, Guides possessed unmatched strength from those who drew their gifts from the [i][b]facultas gigno benevolentia[/i][/b]. As the legend about the Dark World had survived on Earth, the knowledge about the "other" magic was apparent in the Warlords' world. It seemed the sins had affected the other world as well, but in a way where it would neither grant power nor make them stronger. This gift was in the hands of the Dark Ones only. Seeing the five warlords walk freely between the worlds, others wanted to follow. Giving into what ultimately created them, they would pledge allegiance to one of the lords to gain the ability to control the Sin that could ultimately consume them. No longer the creatures the other world called "demons" were trapped. You might think that this sounds so easy and nicely working for these demons? Don't be mistaken. A lot of things were working against them. There were the Guides, and behind them an army of witches trying to beat them back. With each side wielding powers so strong, the opposition created when the void was first created by the Archons, it turned into a fight with firepower. Demons belonged to another world their beings were rooted in it, threatening to pull them back anytime. And of course, there were the Warlords. The Five Sinners had started recruiting Dark Ones around them, creating groups, armies - Legions! Each of them followed their own ulterior motive in the battle that would turn out to be never ending. Only through the Warlords they would gain the ability to behold the control over their Sins and therefore their abilities. Those deserting would be hunted down and killed, or simply destroy themselves in a world where no constrains on Sins like in their Hell existed. Being challenged by ever more demons coming from the void with powers that would match if not exceed their own, the [i]Forces of Good[/i] wondered how and why these creatures could possess such abilities. Now, that is how an Urban Legend comes into being. A story that is to explain and strike fear into those that might not believe or not be on their toes as much. Soon a fairytale about an Academy, where all demons could come together and train for their fight against the mages and witches, turned into a story, then into the truth. By that time it was not just some [i]Academy[/i]. It was the [b]Academy of Demonic Arts[/b] where the warlords would teach other demons the skills and techniques to control and wield powers so similar yet so alien to them. The fact that no such thing ever existed or will exist remains hidden from them until this very day. With the theory and legend of the [i]Academy[/i], the Guides created [b]Covens[/b] on Earth. This concentrated the vast number of witches into smaller groups under the head of each Guide around the globe. As Guides changed leadership, being mortals after all, so did [b]Covens[/b]; their locations, names, and members. Through this, the [i]Forces of Good[/i] found refuge and sanctuary from their never ending war with the [i]Academy[/i]. To be most effective, each coven founded would be placed on the nexus of an elemental point - earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The nexus for each coven provided a channel for the Guides and their witches to maintain the barrier between the two worlds. Throughout the ages, sometimes the number of covens fluctuated, deviating from the traditional five; always, the numbers found their way back to take five elements in equal balance. In these groups, witches learned combative techniques with their gifts much like they imagined the demons did in the [i]Academy of Demonic Arts[/i]. They fought against stray demons and trained among themselves to better learn the properties of magic. By becoming a part of a coven, witches took upon themselves the destiny of maintaining the barrier and battling those who cross over from the other side. Soon it became apparent that demons who had just received the gift of Control that their stay on Earth was all but temporary. The constant pull of their own world would draw them back mercilessly. Only long practice and mastering their abilities would allow them to gain the strength to reside longer and longer outside the void. Recognizing the need to create a place for their Legions to regroup and rejuvenate, the Warlords agreed to create a refuge for their followers. However, as much as Legions would join forces to fight the mages and witches on Earth, they would fight each other so the silent agreement was that no Legion member could enter that of another. In an attempt to create places where each warlord would not lose sight of the other and would be high enough above their globe of hell to catch a glimpse of Earth, five towers were created. Each reached up so far above the ground that the tip would be hidden in clouds of fire and brimstone. The urge to strengthen one's Legion then would drive the Warlords to new means. After the centuries they had developed the abilities to 'taint' humans with sins much like the original Seven Sinners had infected humans before. The difference, however, was the Warlords' powers originated from all seven vices and not just one. Within a hell-bred Dark One, one of the Sins would dominate over all and in turn define their scope of abilities. Much the same happened to the tainted humans. Upon being imbued with the Sins one would dominate and allow them to develop the sin's trademark abilities. However, as these Sins were rooted within the void, immediately they would feel the pull back to hell just as every other Dark One bred in Hell. Adversely, the powers from the [b]FGB[/b] and its leaders could never control humans, gifted with magic or not. With free will, humans behaved however they wished. When the first emotions given by the Archons were let loose into the world, a natural thing occurred. Having a conscience allowed opposites to form against every vice. Humility against Pride to preserve comradery between men; countering Envy was Kindness to fight resentment. Patience gave way to tolerance in the face of Wrath to understand before acting. Opposed to Greed, Liberality gave men the ability to give rather than take incessantly. Chastity honored the beauty created by Lust. Abstinence against Gluttony taught humans to enjoy in moderation and not give into the extremes of each Sin. Lastly, Diligence helped maintain hierarchy in hand with Sloth - work hard and rest well. Tainted or not, it was up to humans and witches alike to resist temptation and sins with the drive to do good acts and keep the demons from infesting their world. Of course, the Dark Ones did not fail to register the witches and their peculiar way to call the [b]Legion Towers[/b] an [i]Academy[/i]. In order to keep the [b]Legions of Hell[/b] and the [b]Legion Towers[/b] a secret, they would use the term [i]Academy of Demonic Arts[/i] as a substitute whenever crossing paths with Guides or their witches aligned with the [b]FGB[/b] as a reference to the entire complex within Hell that features the towers as well as the War Grounds. What happens in each tower and what each Legions plans remains a secret, not leave the black stone walls of a tower. Only every now and then the Legions would face off either in the empty place inside the Legion Circle or in a setting magically created by the warlords for them; to test and honor the strongest in what is called War Tactics. As only at the peak of their power they will have what it takes to finally tear down a barrier between two worlds, each as ancient as those who created them. In the world of today, nothing is every just black or just white, everything is in a fine shade of grey. Where there's ying, there will be yang, where there's darkness, there will be light, and where there is evil, there will be good. In every good being lies a hint of evil, like in every evil being, there will a tainted hope of goodness within. But among all the balance that has to be kept, there is freewill and choice. Which side are you on? It will be a never ending battle between good and evil, but will you uphold the choice that you've initially made, or will you succumb to the tiny bit of opposition hidden within?

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