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03-13-2007 by Pandora, Zendatha, Thor
The premise of Eternal Conflict takes us to a world that once was much like our own. Approximately 5,000 years ago, there were human-like beings inhabiting the planet. They were large in numbers. Billions in the two-digit numbers lived in a society ruled by technology that had been developed during a history extending another 3,000 years back. Thes

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The premise of Eternal Conflict takes us to a world that once was much like our own. Approximately 5,000 years ago, there were human-like beings inhabiting the planet. They were large in numbers. Billions in the two-digit numbers lived in a society ruled by technology that had been developed during a history extending another 3,000 years back. These people called themselves the Magans, and they even had a name for their planet; a name that has long since been forgotten. The Magans were a people of explorers and scientists, ever striving to better themselves and their society. However, when a team of archaeologists discovered a well that would turn out to not just be a simple water source, everything the Magan had ever known or believed in changed forever. Scientists discovered that this well predated any written word or anything else ever discovered. Traces in the water showed molecules of combined elements that had never been discovered before. When the water suddenly appeared to have strange effects on the members of the exploration team, it was first believed to be a blessing. Any ailments, injuries or deformation they may have had vanished with time after exposure to the well’s water. Yet, that was not all. Besides diseases mysteriously being cured, the team members soon discovered that they had gained strange new abilities. One could move things with their mind, another suddenly had unthinkable power and yet another could hear thoughts of those around them. Tests began. Over several decades, scientists would try any known analytical method on the water to find out what exactly caused those effects. However, they were only a small group faced with a sudden movement that believed the well really did grant magical, if not, divine powers. That movement’s numbers grew exponentially, giving people who had become tired of their lives something to believe in; giving those not smart enough to be a scientist or brave enough to be an explorer the chance to finally become something of rank in the Magan society as well. As the coming decades pass, fundamental changes happen in the Magan civilization. More and more people find themselves blessed with abilities of supernatural origin once they’ve come into contact with the well, now dubbed the Eternal Spring. Some even seemed to stop aging altogether. All the while, however, scientists continue to monitor long term effects of people who have come in contact with the Spring’s water. Despite their findings’ implication that the well water causes dangerous mutations and unknown diseases, the news stay unheard or get buried by the much stronger faction of magical believers, the Magi. These Magi, only around a century after first discovering the Eternal Spring, start a civil war against the faction that has been named the Scies - those opposing magic and insisting on purely scientific explanations for the well water’s effects. The latter faction became hunted down, incarcerated and even killed; their scientific inclination becoming stigmata that damned them to a life on the run. Centuries passed and as predicted by the Scies, the mutations begin causing major problems. Many people die and even more are crippled for the rest of their poor existences. What occurs on the planet is equal to an evolutionary selection at the molecular level: those who can tolerate the Eternal Spring’s water live. The rest becomes a sub-race, inferior, meant to serve and do bidding; common folk, far from the magnificence of the new super humans. All the while, the Magi rise to unimaginable power, uniting countries and religions under the signet of the Eternal Spring. Those who develop abilities become adopted into the new super-race. Those who don’t become doomed to become extinct. Those who defy the Spring become hunted. The Scies’ numbers dwindle, and in their despair they began to apply what they knew best: science. Using the well water to their own advantage, they tried to create an army of beings more powerful than even the Magi could ever be. After all, the Scies had all the knowledge about the biological and chemical reactions caused by the well’s water. Paired with genetics, the Scies soon believed themselves to be god-like, creators of the race that would tip the odds once more and re-establish society as it should be. So what came to be was a multitude of creatures, almost divine in appearance, even celestial compared to the average Scie or Magi. There were those with magnificent physical powers; those with great magical abilities; those to lead the forces and those to support and recall them. However, faced by overwhelming numbers on the other side, the Scies could barely cause the Magi the damage they had intended. Even what would soon be known as the “Celestials,” with their great abilities, could barely faze the much larger faction of Magi. So, the Scies found themselves back at the drawing board, this time willing to invoke the more severe effects the Eternal Spring’s water had. Altering genes and triggering mutations, they created beings shaped after ancient legends. The only thing they all had in common was the strange aura the creatures’ red blood cells would show, called the “blood’s shadow”. Still, the Scies could barely produce these beings in numbers sufficient enough to tip the odds in the ongoing civil war. Decades, and eventually centuries passed, and the Scies continued to attempt to enlarge the numbers of their creations. Suffering and death amongst the Bloodshadow and Celestials turned them against their makers. And as no man can really be god, the Scies found themselves at the mercy of their creations. Demanding their freedom and being denied, these races formed the first real alliance in a war that was destined to last for several thousand years, leaving behind what was left of a faction that once was the epitome of a society. The Scies, seeing their last chance in regaining a place in the world as it was, went into what the other races thought was exile; they went into hiding. The Magi now no longer saw themselves opposed by a small bunch of technology nuts that would be extinct soon. No, the situation had changed. The race of magic-doers then faced two factions of beings possessing abilities and gifts just as miraculous as theirs. In order to ensure that the Magi would keep the upper hand, they tried a bit of creational work themselves. They combined their magic with that of the Eternal Spring, using one of their own as a conduit and amplifier in order to create an energy blast. This energy, was supposed to turn every bit of Common folk in its way into a Magi. It was supposed to make them susceptible to the effects of the Spring’s water and turn them into magic wielders. Yet, the attempt went awfully wrong and burned hundreds of humans to no more than ashes. Those souls were not gone, though, and became trapped by the massive energy used on them. They re-manifested into what is now known as the scourged souls. These souls, dubbed the Scourge, rebelled and withdrew themselves from the reign of the Magi, blaming the magic wielders for their affliction. They established their own lands and way of life, coping with the lack of rooting in this world and the added connection to what they believed to be the spirit world. Now the war became four-sided, waged by four elitist factions, each equipped with magnificent abilities and deadly skills. Establishing holds and soon kingdoms, they believed each of them had a stake in the world. The Magi would fight to regain their glory and power. The Celestials, Bloodshadow and Scourge fought to each establish their own free lands, only to try and take that land away from their neighbour again. The ones really suffering are those that were dubbed the Commons - those humans without abilities, left behind by the Magi centuries ago, and then becoming the creation pool for the three other races. As time passed, the world kept changing. Shaken and devastated by a war that no longer had a reason - at least not one that anyone seemed to remember - many of those alive never had known anything but the everlasting dread of battle, and the fear of when the enemy would strike again. Peace was a word that told of a dream no one had ever known or seen with their eyes. True origins, in the never-ending retelling and rewriting of the past with bits being lost and others being added, were turned into legends. A cloned warrior became a Herald of Gods. The mishaps of genetic engineering turned into strong and fearful beasts. The result of the tragic demise of many humans was now fighters from the spirit world. And last but not least, fanatic religious believers that worshipped an ancient well were turned into true miracle workers and mages. All the while, what was left of the Scies, a few desperate men and women, tried one last time to tip a war they had long been beaten in. They created what would become known as the Morlocks. Scies brutally twisted and changed, they turned upon their former selves, destroying what was left of a once advanced civilization. Digging deep into the earth they wanted to avoid the sun and survive among the spiders. As time passed, technology became a story of old; a tale on the brink of being forgotten. It was the Magi who, while continuing to fight their war, set out to erase what was left of the Scies’ heritage. Disguised as a Herald, a Skinwalker, or even a Banshee, the Magi intelligence would set out to find what was left of machines and computers and incinerate every last bit of it. The Magi continued to be the largest kingdom in numbers. They unified a large part of the Common population on their lands and still benefited from once being the overwhelming force on the planet. Yet as the war raged on and with the other sides gaining numbers and power, the Magi shrunk to a small and very secretive people. This in turn made way for populations now a lot larger. There were the Celestials coming to an allegiance with the Morlocks. And eventually even the Scourge and Bloodshadow agreed to unify their strength in order to each secure land for their people. Latter was a fragile bond, but nonetheless strong enough to strike fear into the Magi. The face of the earth once more changed when the Magi was struck with an uproar of a group of Commons in their midst that had dubbed themselves the Renegades. This young race left behind a destroyed Eternal Spring, forcing the Magi out of their lands and resulting in the finding of the Well of Sorrow. Ever since the discovery of the Eternal Spring, more than five millennia have passed until its destruction and discovery of the Well of Sorrow. The latter changed the face of magic on Gaia, what the planet is now called. The war has grown fiercer and the blood shed seems just that little bit redder. The common folk, still without abilities but large in numbers, arranged itself with many of the strange customs of the different races. They live in holds and villages under the crests of the sides and kingdoms. The true origin of the war is long forgotten. War was fought because truce or even peace was impossible – after all, by what people knew, there had never been peace. Within the kingdoms, the relations between the sides have been strained but stable. But how long can these fragile bonds last? What if a race suddenly claimed dominion over the other? What if the construct of three equal kingdoms suddenly were to collapse? What if the war that has been waged so far was only the beginning of the horrors Gaia has yet to see?

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