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Midnight Shadows Presents
Eternal Conflict
... then Darkness fell upon us.

Game Description: Hi-fantasy drama, magical / supernatural, half free-form, half guided
Format: Semi-prose, Message board (creation of a user account is mandatory)
Contact: chrissie@midnight-shadows.org
Average Age of the Players: approx. 20-30 (Minimum Age: 13)
Rating: PG-13 (for material rated higher, we offer several Livejournal communities)

In a world, once like ours, a war has been raging for millennia. Its true origins have long become legends and fairy tales; peace is a word without meaning as the kingdoms continue to clash. Now it is up to you to change this world's fate forever.

Three kingdoms, six peoples, countless races. And yet, it’s all one world. Five thousand years have passed, throwing a once highly sophisticated world back into a feudal system of regents, peasants and those bowing to no one. The conflict is ever present, breaking out and demanding lives upon every chance as several forces in this world conspire to gain the upper hand and unite the different kingdoms under a single reign.

The Celestials are creatures once modelled after religious images in hope to end the war as quickly as it had begun. The Bloodshadow followed, a multitude of races that seem to stem from the darkest dreams of mankind. The Scourge paid the highest price, no longer alive but unable to move on, they are stuck in a world that neither wants nor trusts them. Then there are those closest to normal humans: once oppressed, the Renegades fought their way to freedom now defending their settlements against those meaning them harm. The Aquilae are a proud and noble people, thrown into a war they never asked for.

And last but not least, the Magi – the oldest of them all. Once – when magic flooded this world – they claimed leadership over all and had to watch as while the centuries passed others tried to pry that power from their hands. With the deepest ties to magic, they come closest to what we know as immortal; and it is what makes them dangerous. The bored minds of those who have not only one but hundreds of lifetimes at their disposal to make those of others living hell.

Join this vast RPG now. Make your own characters, plots and storylines in a world that’s big enough to offer something for everyone. You would like to know more? Browse the extensive FAQ, or simply register and become a member.

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A lot of information - both written down and still in the players' and game managers' heads - exists on Eternal Conflict. Here we want to give you a quick introduction to this world and how it works. The playing forums contain much more extensive explanations and backgrounds on many things (which mostly are there for reference, not everything needs to be read at once).

Keep in mind that a lot in this RPG is still open to determination or simply to the player's imagination - no matter how much information you see. The GM's always welcome input by old and new players alike. So read on, and join now to become a part of Midnight Shadows's Eternal Conflict.

How To Join
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How To Join
Eternal Conflict

So, I like this thing. I'd like to join.
That's great! Well, the first step is to become a member of Midnight-Shadows. It's simple, free and only takes a minute. Simply register now. You'll get a confirmation through your email, and once you verified your email address through the link in that email, your account will be activated and you can post on the board.

Sweet. I am a member now!
Well, I would suggest probably reading up a bit more on all the information the RPG offers, such as the Beginner's Guide with information on the game basics, roleplaying rules, the forums available and what you do in which of them, etc. There's a lot.

Helluva lot! Do I have to read all of that?
No, the information stored here in the FAQ for you should already give you a good impression on what Eternal Conflict is about. However, it is highly suggested you take the time and do read up on the extended background and cheat sheet of the side you choose for yourself.

Side? What's a side?
It's one of the six people introduced to you in the FAQ's Extended Information.

Oh! Ok, got that and picked one. Now?
You need to join that side to gain posting access. That you do through the Group Memberships page in your User CP.

Also done! Can I write that bio yet?
Indeed, now is the time to write the character biography for your character. Please use this form in order to do so. After submitting the biography you will need to wait a day or two before the character is approved by the management. Note: Please refer to this thread for information on how biographies and RPGs are handled on Midnight-Shadows.

Ok, the bio form has a slot for powers. Powers? Powers what?
The ability / skill / power system (all the same thing) is pretty straight forward. You get the race powers as specified in the information threads within the kingdom forums and a Custom Power (CP). There are always two race powers (primary and secondary power). Your CP has a base level and two add-on levels (all made by you, but more about that a bit further down). When you start playing your character can have up to 2 activated powers. This can either be the primary and secondary race power OR the primary race power and the CP base level. (No, secondary race power and CP is not possible)

Custom Power? So I can actually make that myself?
Well the managers certainly won't make them for you . But yes, you may create the CP yourself. How, when and in which stages you create this power is up to you. The basics on the CP are: The CP has a base level and then two add-on levels. The base level should provide a basis for the two upper levels (meaning giving your character three different abilities and trying to sell it as one won't work). The add-on levels add aspects to the CP, extends how long effects last or ranges in which the ability works. Please note that copying race powers (from other kingdoms and / or races) is unlikely to be accepted by the management.

But I don't know the CP yet. And these race powers are totally cool for the character I have in mind.
You are free to submit the CP at a later time - or even play your character without any kind of CP. It is highly recommended to submit the CP though the separate CP form, and NOT along with the character bio (this is if there are problems with your CP, then the management can still activate your biography and you can play - which you can't if the unapproved CP is in your biography)

Ok and what if I only know the base level?
It is highly suggested to only submit all three levels for the CP if you are really 100% sure it's what you want. Once power levels are granted and in use, changing the CP means restarting from scratch (the "start with two powers" thing mentioned above). You may submit one level at a time and have them all approved separately if that is what you wish to do.

So, restarting? That means there are levels. What levels? And how to I advance in them?
Well, we don't call them levels. In Eternal Conflict they work through the so-called Evolutions. You can have up to 3 three evolutions and upon each passed evolution you can unlock a new power for your character, until all race powers and CP-levels are activated.

Evolutions are tasks given by your respective leader(s). You are asked to write a piece in which your character (and / or you) meet the challenge given to you by the management. If the managers approve, you are able to unlock a new power.

How do I get one of these tasks?
You PM the leader of the side the character you want an evolution for belongs to. They will set up a thread with the task for you in the Ascendancy forum.

More Information
Guests: Register
Members: Beginner's Guide (Basics, Rules, Forum explanations, Jobs, etc.)

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