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The Shadow Enchiridion [Rules & FaQ]   02-18-2010 until 12-31-2024

  • We do not tolerate bashing, cursing or attacking members and staff of this board. This is taken very seriously and usually followed by heavy administrative action.
  • Keep spamming to a minimum. Excess spamming / banter posts will be deleted without further notice.
  • Never use ALL CAPS, DiStOrTeD TeXt and kool t@lk.
  • Use of expletives in any out-of-character environment is forbidden. Use of them in in-character threads may be done when handled tastefully (subject to Moderator decision).
  • No double posting. Edit your post if you need to add something else.
  • Talk of illegal activities on this board (for example illegal downloads) is forbidden.
  • Do not post multiple threads of the same subject, as it will be removed or merged with the already existing one.
  • Threads posted in the wrong forum will be moved/deleted without notice.
  • You must not advertise your board/site on any post. These will be removed without notice.
  • The use of tags is allowed and encouraged. Keep the tags according to our rating guidelines and make them useful to other members (not just yourself) as much as possible. Moderators are encouraged to monitor the use of tags on threads and will edit them when needed without further notice.
  • No graphic descriptions of sex, violence or drug use that is considered unsuitable for minors as described in our ratings section. [[more on the board's rating]]

  • In order to ensure maximum freedom for our members when roleplaying Midnight-Shadows has decided to forego applying a general rating and instead employ a set of rules that you as a member are required to follow at all times. This is to ensure that MS stays available for as wide an array of members as possible. Please read the rules carefully, and consult an administrator if you have any questions.
RPG Post Guidelines
Depiction of Violence
Most of our RPGs are based on some sort of conflict. As such, there tends to be a lot of violence. This goes double for battle-RPGs such as the WWD. Violence, for the most part, is accepted here. However we must draw the line at graphic posts which not only detail violence in a tasteless manner but also glorify it to the point where it would appear to be considered 'normal' under real-life conditions. An example of this would be punching someone in the face would be accepted, but graphic displays of torture is not. This remains unchanged from our previous policy, and should not effect how you post now.

Depiction of drug use
Similar to our discussion on violence, the use of drugs, whether fictional or real, is allowed, as are posting about the effects of such drug use. However, we would ask all our users to display some common sense regarding this issue. Do not overly glorify or champion the use of drugs for recreational purposes. We have no problem with drug dealing characters, or drug dependent characters; however we would remind you that there are younger members on this board and that some posts may not be appropriate. If you need to know if a post is appropriate then you can ask any of our Moderators, who will be more than happy to advise you on if a post was okay and, if it isn't provide you with some suggestions which may alter the offending part of that post while still keeping the spirit and message that the poster is trying to convey intact.

Depiction of sex
Last, but not least, is the depiction of sex. We understand that sex can be an important part of a character and their relationships and we encourage this. We will always ask you to try to keep it on a tasteful level that doesn't disintegrate into smut. Graphic description of bodily parts or functions are not allowed; however the act itself could be RP'd out.
  • Due to the effect these particular issues may have upon some younger members, each post is subject to being edited without notice if a moderator feels it necessary. However, when doing so a moderator is asked to private message the original content of the post to the original poster, if possible and explain the reasons for editing. Appeals can be made to Head Moderators and Administrative staff within 2 weeks of the original editing date.
  • To summarize for our long-term members who may be used to our previous PG-13 policy; this guide is basically telling you that we now allow you to RP the aforementioned subject matter with more detail. However, out-of-character posts, or posts outside of the gaming forums, must always stick to the PG-13 rule. Nowhere on the board is it acceptable to post video or photographic content which breaches this policy.
  • Please note that anyone not yet 18 years old is automatically marked as underage. This marker is calculated from the birthdate you've entered upon registration.
  • Implementation of these guidelines:
    • Engaging in any kind of scene that includes depiction of sex is strictly forbidden if underage players are involved.
    • Engaging in any kind of scene that includes depiction of sex is strictly forbidden if underage characters are involved.
    • Threads / posts containing depiction of sex, violence or use of drugs must be flagged as “Containing mature content”.
    • You may disable viewing of mature content even as a mature member through your User CP > Options.
    • Thread titles must be PG 13 in any forums, no matter what!
    • You may at any time opt out of being a member on MS and ask for your account to be retired.

  • Each member is only allowed one account. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.
  • Impersonating somebody you're not (actor/employee/character from any television show or other media) will result in a ban.
  • Entering a false birth date is prohibited. You may hide the information from other members but are required to enter your birth date truthfully. Failing to do so will lead to immediate suspension of your account.
  • Should there be suspicion that a member has entered a false birth date please notify a staff member immediately. This is not to spoil anyone's fun but a responsibility we have toward our minors every adult on this board should feel is theirs. Not every content is suitable for underage members and it is our duty to make sure this content remains unavailable to them on this board.
  • Name changes are only allowed three months after your last name change.
  • When requesting a name change use this form.
  • Usernames can't be longer then 15 characters in total.

  • Please be considerate of other members when linking videos, images or any other media from other websites. Anything that is linked should be acceptable under the board's rating guidelines [[more on the board's rating]].
  • Consider that if whatever you link, be it images or other media, requires a warning about the nature of the content then it can be considered unsuitable for Midnight Shadows.
  • Posting such unsuitable material will lead to administrative actions such as official warnings or banning.

  • Chain letters through PM are not allowed.
  • Do not harass members via PM. This is reason enough for a ban.
  • Do not advertise (i.e. your web site) via PM.

  • Signatures should not exceed 500 pixels by width and 150 pixels by height.
  • Signatures should not exceed ten lines of text.
  • You may have a picture and text, but you should alter them to fit in with the guidelines.
  • If signatures do exceed this allotted amount, the offending sig will be replaced with a warning and link to the sig rules thread.
  • You are not allowed animated images in your signature.
  • No graphic descriptions of sex, violence or drug use that is considered unsuitable for minors. [[more on the board's rating]].

  • If you need any help, post it in the Blood Lust forum.
  • If you have a problem or question that does not go into the Blood Lust forum check this page to so who is in charge of what here on Midnight Shadows.
  • If you need assistance of have any queries in any of the RPG's, please contact managers and assistants via PM. This is to respect MS staff's personal time on any instant messenger platforms.
  • To keep up on important announcements concerning the board, look here in the Midnight's Call.

  • Users are allowed to create their own social groups.
  • Please check that the group you are creating does not exist already. Double Groups will be deleted.
  • Try to keep the same format for Group names. I.e. put TV Show in front of the show's name, Movie in front of the movie name etc.
  • Keep spam to a minimum.
  • Keep it decent. No bashing of members, staff, actors, actresses, singers, bands etc. This includes but is not limited to good-natured jibes at members or even characters. Groups even just giving the impression of supporting any kind of 'hate' towards anyone on this board or their character (whether you have their approval or not) will not be tolerated, deleted immediately and might lead to severe administrative consequences for the group starter.
  • Keep it according to our rating guidelines at all times [[more on the board's rating]].

  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy or use images/ content/ avatars/posts /RPG content from Midnight Shadows, without written consent from one of the administrators of this board.
  • Before using someone else's work you're required to get their permission! This means, PM them and ask! Or simply use your own ideas! This includes copying content from one of the board's RPGs to another, or even within the same RPG.
  • Plagiarising content in any shape or form will lead to severe consequences including temporary or even permanent bans.

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