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Elise dodged her question and she frowned at the nerve the other woman had to do so. In the last year, they had learned quite a bit about one another, so Paige knew when the other was deflecting. When Elise looked to Jaxon, Paige followed suit, finding the sudden pairing riding her nerves.

Jaxon took over, explaining the source of the video and she about had to shake herself. He identified his source so flippantly and she swallowed at the notion. Carol. Jaxon explained further what they at least thought they had seen. She briefly wondered why he had chosen to share the information with Elise first, of all people, until she reminded herself that Jaxon could be exceedingly clinical in everything that he did. Elise was unbiased, a clean set of eyes that would try to see what she wanted.

Alex shifted in her periphery and she felt his eyes on her, much like she frequently did. And then he inquired about Jaxon having the footage and a desire to see it. She noted, somewhat surprised, when he quickly remedied his question for ‘I’ to ‘we’ and she looked at him, meeting his gaze when he shifted his own to her.

Jaxon approved, once more citing ‘Carol’ before he pointed out the nature of the recording was potentially graphic. She watched his features dance between a multitude of seeming emotions and opinions without ever voicing a word. Jaxon glanced beyond Alex towards Scoot, then seemed to gauge everyone present in the room., then he turned and beckoned everyone to follow him out into the hallway, his little handheld in hand. It was funny, because Elise toted around the same sorts.

He waited and Paige pushed herself somewhat against Alex as Gabriel and Caitlin joined them in the hall, Gabe tucking his wife in against himself, each peering over Jaxon’s shoulders until he seemed to realize that she and Caitlin struggled to see over him, and he turned and held the device out. He hit play rather unceremoniously, after glancing down the halls and assuring he would mute the audio portion of the file.

She winced immediately as the frames played out and lifted a hand to her mouth to muffle her surprise before she turned her face in against Alex’s shoulder. She did not need to watch Emma Frost and Scott Summers that engaged. Alex spoke, and she nodded as though to answer his stuttered question. She didn’t turn back until Alex told Jaxon to turn the audio back on. She didn’t watch Scott in the video, she didn’t listen to anything either of them said, she simply watched Emma. And waited. She was aware of Alex moving, bending forward to set a hand on a knee, but she had her eyes locked on the screen.

“What the fuck.” Gabe pushed out, then wound a hand around the back of his neck, pressing fingers into the tissue there. A tell that he was already thinking ahead.

“She did it.” She gave a nod of confirmation.

Caitlin explained that Emma was in Scott’s head, or it sounded like she had been in some capacity, and then elaborated on hers and Beth’s hands at play. So that was what the pair had been up to, hovering all quiet like. The scope of a telepath still boggled her mind. Caitlin, she could comprehend her abilities somewhat. Then she remembered Caitlin, Beth, and even Jaxon referencing Lexie and she had to wonder what the mini Cait was capable of.

It’s not telepathy, not really, not yet anyway.

That did not sound as promising as it would have a decade ago, before the world went to hell and their kind were hunted like wild prey. Then, being a telepath was like being a unicorn. Now, it was still somewhat like that, only humans painted a huge red target onto them. One of the few unique abilities apparently not yet in their collection. How that had managed, she still wondered.

“Emma’s alive if she’s still in that form.” She said, then swallowed. “Whatever part of her psyche remained with her body, it feels nothing.” As hours ticked into non-existence, so would any and every trace of emotion. She had never made a true habit of shifting to diamond for that very reason. Sapphire was nearly as resilient, yet offered far more time to husk into something else.
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Alex stared ahead, blinked, several times and wondered whether he would be able to find a blow torch anywhere in this theatre. He doubted he would be able to remove the images now stuck in his mind any other way. The spot where Paige had pushed her upper body and face to him earlier was still vibrant with the memory of her touch. He ached for it, needed it, feeling like he was to tumble any moment.

To see a man, that was his older brother no less, this engaged with his girlfriend, it was a little too much even for him. But what made it worse was the way the entire act was perverted by what had been done with this recording. It was on the fucking internet. For everyone to see. The violation of privacy was beyond what Alex could grasp.

Alex had no eyes for his younger brother at this moment. He heard the other man curse but had his senses turned inward for the moment. That kind of thing had happened in the compounds much like Gamma-Xi. He had stood on the outside and protected the places for four years while they had done this kind of thing to god knew how many of them – and to his brother lo less. Alex felt the ground beneath him begin spin.

Paige’s words rang in his ears. That Emma was alive. That being in that form was enough of an indicator. Alex wondered whether the SGF really had never found that out. Did they really believe they had a diamond corpse on their hand? But they had to, no? Only if they did was there still any kind of hope for Scott, or for the woman who had gotten him out of that compound by sacrificing her body and part of her mind.

Alex slipped his hand into Paige’s and squeezed for a short moment. “Probably better that way”, he choked out when Paige explained how she would feel absolutely nothing in that state. He drew a deep breath, but the spinning would not stop. “I’m going to be sick”, he told Paige, before he slipped his hand out of hers and turned around to head down the floor he had come here through.

His steps were shaky and he had one arm out as he forced himself along the path. As a once-public place, there were restrooms littered across the theatre. He had seen one on his way here. Alex kept swallowing against the rising bile, glad when he finally made to his destination. He stumbled into one of the stalls and did nothing to stop the inevitable.

One, two, three and the food he had had earlier was gone. It took no more than a few seconds, and he pushed back letting himself hit the stall’s side wall after a small turn, and then slide down. When he sat, he just closed his eyes and put his head to the surface behind him. For four years, he had ensure the smooth-running of facilities where things like that video had been made. They had turned his brother’s most painful moment into a fucking perverted snuff video.

He pressed his right thumb and index fingers into his eyes, unable to stop himself from wondering whether he’d even been on site – no matter how improbable – when the video had been made.

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