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Genesis One-Shots [Post #1]

This thread is for all those bits and pieces that need to be written but don't fit into their own thread. Post as the character, but make sure to include there where and when at the top (and involving whom) so the rest of us know how your post fits into the overarching storylines.

* Any rating is allowed, but clearly flag a post should it contain mature content.
* All GENEsis and Board rules apply.

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[In-Character] [Post #2]
“It’s ok Scott.”
“No! Emma, no!”
“You know it’s the only way.”
“No!” A laboured breath, a sob as the man in front of me is on the verge of breaking.
Tired, my love, you look so tired. Let me end this. Let me give us a fighting chance. “Scott, it’s okay. I forgive you…”
“Emma”, tears are streaming from his face as his eyes light up. Good, follow my words. Do as I say.
“I forgive you…”
Then I close my eyes.


Forgiveness. It is not that hard to come by, and yet so very hard to accept.
I never asked for it before. I never needed it. I made my own way. I asked for what I wanted, and I moved on when I didn’t get it.
Most of the time anyway.
Most of the time …


“Ms. Frost, how long have you been with us?”
“Too long, and we both know it.”
“Since you are not forthcoming in assisting these trials, we have to find out own way.”
“Do as you wish.”
“This will enhance your telepathy in about twenty minutes.”
When I would be safely tucked away inside my cell. “How many more times… I’m not going to break into his mind.” Now the woman in her white lab coat looks at me, she’s about fed up with my antics – at least that’s what her look tells me. “He’s got resistance. His mind is different to yours.”
“We will see about that. Everyone’s got a weakness.”
And I am his…


There he is. My strong, red-eyed man.
Our cells are adjacent, the retractable wall separating us is made of acrylic glass. I tried shattering it once – never again. The consequence told me I would work harder on being a good girl.
They came in with tazers. They didn’t stop until Scott was unconscious on the floor. They left him there, in his own damned vomit. Lesson learned.


I have no idea where they just had him. They will take him or me out of these cells, opening up the inhibitor field just for the to and fro. He looks skinny. The pants they put him in hang off of him a little. Down here in the heat, he wears a tank top much like I do. Just that his is white. My clothes are black. The world is upside down down here.
He looks tired and I crawl towards him. Both hands on the glass I stare at him, tip my head against the wall keeping us apart. “You ok?”
Scott shakes his head as his eyes slide shut and he passes out from exhaustion.


I wake up. I’ve no idea what time it is. I’ve been down here for so long. My inner clock is completely useless by now. I no longer know when it’s night or day. I could read minds to find out but what would be the point? They have a three way rotation here. No matter what time of the day it is, none of these people feel any kind of compassion for me. None of them want to see me here.
They want to see me dead.


I’m in a new cell now. It looks like one big one, separated in two halves by acrylic glass. I can smash that, I think but don’t move. There’s no one in there.
That’s when they release that blasted gas again. I don’t know what it is, I just know I get an aweful headache from it. I black out, as the door to my holding cell opens.


The middle wall is gone. I try to drag my eyes open. Everything’s spinning. Not fast, but constantly. What have they injected me with now? I drag my eyes open, and at first I think my eyes are playing tricks on me.
“Scott?” I push out as I sit up. The world tilts violently and I need a moment. Blinking, I try to focus on what I see. On all fours, I crawl ahead. The wall really isn’t there, instead I can get to him. Can get to his side. “Scott!” I try again.
It takes him well over ten minutes to come to. I can feel my power kicking in – my telepathy is active and I can nudge his mind. My fingers interlock with his, and this is what jolts my man to life. He’s on his knees in no time, his arms around me as his lips crash into mine. I smile into his kiss, smile so much that it tips and I sob, and I cry.
Scott Summers has such a gentle side. I’ve seen it – everyone on duty that day has seen it. He comforts me, holds me – and as I lie in his embrace on the hard floor we forget where we are. He makes love to me and I wrap us in a cocoon of my mindbending power. They might be looking – but we are alone. In our minds, our love, our loving … we’re alone.
“I love you, Scott … I love you so much.”


“NO!” I shout when I realise the cell next to mine is no longer empty.
“No no no no no …”, I cannot stop saying the word as I throw myself against the wall between us. Again and again, I run against the acrylic wall, knowing my bodyweight is not enough to break through. But I have to do it, I have to protest, have to rebel. This cannot be happening.
“Please this has to be an illusion … you’re an illusion… no … Scott no …”
I’ve been here for a lifetime – or so it feels. I’ve gone through every last horror they could possibly do to a mutant, and a woman. I cannot have him here. He cannot be in captivity – not in their hands.
“No …”
I sink to my knees, snot and tears smearing against the acrylic wall as I weep. My strong, beautiful man with the red-rimmed eyes. They will destroy you. Just like they did with me … and the worst thing is that I won’t be able to protect him.


“If you don’t do this, they will kill you.”
“THEN LET THEM!” he barks, his eyes bright with rage but his blast, he holds inside.
“I can’t bring you back, if you die, Scott. So you need to do this.”
“No.” It’s a plea. He’s begging me. And my heart breaks. So in the end, they figured it out. They figured out how easily they can break us.
“It’s you or me.” I have no idea what this little experiment is supposed to give them. Maybe this stopped being about our powers a long time ago. Maybe this is just about some sadists wanting to pass the time of the night shift. We are lab rats – we have no rights, and we only are worth the money we cost if they can torture us.
“Emma …” He’s still shaking his head, and the tears continue to run down his face. He’s on his feet, his hands shackled to the wall behind him. It’s odd … it’s the perfect stance for a very focussed optic blast, isn’t it. Me on the other hand, I’m barely on my feet, my hands held above me. I’m the perfect target.
Between us, there is no wall this time.
“Ssh… Scott, it’ll be okay. I’ll be with you.”
“I can’t lose you.”
“You won’t”, I whisper to him and try to smile.
He’s thrashing against his restraints and I can’t help think that he’ll dislocate his shoulder if he keeps going like this. “Just fry my brain. Do it … I can’t kill you. It feels like I only just found you. I can’t … EmmaIcant…Iwont…youcantmakeme…”
I feel the drug working inside of me. My powers breathe, engulf me and him. This is insane. His resistance poses no barrier for me anymore.
“I love you, Scott… I’ve loved you since we were teenagers.” I smile at him, and despite now knowing that back then he had barely seen me, I know exactly what he feels for me now.
It means everything to me.
I make his eyes bright red as I flip that switch, activating his optic blast.
“You need to make it out of here.”
He is charging up. He feels it. His head is violently moving from side to side as he is fighting me with everything he’s got.
“Get out of here, find your brothers. Scott …”
“No …” He shuts his eyes tightly, but I smile and shake my head. He does not stand a chance. A scream erupts from his chest and it chills me to the bone.
“Do it now…”
I force him to look at me – one last time. "Forgive me ..."
I feel something shatter. And I charge forward hands wide, willing to catch all the pieces …


Report test subject Emma Frost, trial series 0712a

Subject reacted to the medication as expected. Even when tested under extreme stress. Trial will come to an end as subject as suffered a fatal wound to her upper body. Treatment impossible as subject shifted to diamond form before all vital signs ceased. Subject in monitored storage until anything changes.
We suggest employing the substance with test subject Elisabeth Braddock-Silvercloud in trial series 0714c.

Report test subject Scott Summers, trial series 0712b

Subject treated with serum Za712. Effect was not fully as desired. Natural resistance against telepathy could not be lowered or in any way affected by it. Trial series must end as subject is in severe mental crisis. It appears with the result of no longer being able to access his powers. Transferring subject to normal holding.
Hand written note, scribbled across report: Search Youtube for ‘mutant sex’.

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[In-Character] [Post #3]
After those phone calls, Carol had poured herself a stiff drink and sat down in her most comfortable chair in the office. One office located in the middle of enemy territory. She didn’t know how much longer she could pull this off. Be Carol Danvers and stay infiltrated with the SFG to help the other side. She was walking a thin line and that line was getting thinner by the day.

Especially after they would ask her why she pulled these particular files. They had told her the most gruesome things about what had been done to those two and she didn’t know how this information would impact the remaining Summers’.

She took a big swig from her glass and let out a deep sigh. The horrible tests the SFG were committing themselves too, were sickening her to the core and she wanted out.

She desperately wanted out. Walking that thin line felt more like tipping over and leaving the SFG.

Carol grabbed her laptop, flipped it open and went to youtube. She typed in the search query as suggested on the handwritten note and hit enter. The first vid made her frown but the second one… it had the silhouettes of two familiar people and against better judgement she clicked it.

She muted the sound, her hand moved to her face half covering her mouth as she watched in shock. Emma crawling towards Scott, their embrace, it turning into more and Carol couldn’t look away. Her heart breaking for those two. It was beyond horrible what they had done to them and they all needed to pay.

The scene stopped, cutting to something else and Carol frowned. “What…” Scott shackled to the wall, Emma on the ground with her hands up. She watched Scott shaking his head, knew that he was pleading with the woman in front of him. What she also saw was the build-up in his eyes and Carol knew where this was leading too. Within seconds Scott’s eyes fire at Emma and then it was over. Scott hung limp from the wall, Emma dead but in diamond form. She paused the video and rewound it just enough to stop right at the moment Scott’s beam hit Emma.

Carol reached for her phone and called another phone number. “Jax. You need to analyse a video for me. I’ll send you the link.”
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #4]
Lights were hurting his eyes, he blinked rapidly but the little spots that kept on dancing in front of him didn’t disappear. He was moving. Strapped to a bed with his powers diminished. The bed was moving, the overhead lights causing him trouble to see. There were two men pushing the bed and they were talking. He knew better than to break free. They had implanted him with a device that shocked him if he took a step out of line. So instead he listened.

“Should we put him under?”
“Neh, we didn’t with the other one.”
“Yeah but the other one couldn’t be put under.”
“Dude, relax. They told us not to. All in the name of science.”
“Yeah something about who will heal up faster. The mutant girl or the Asgardian.”
“Who are you betting on?”
“It’s a tossup. They told me that the girl started healing up almost immediately after they cut her open.”
“I’m not even sure they could get a knife into this one.”

The two men started laughing, pushing his bed into a very bright room. Filled with medical equipment, a doctor and a nurse. They were already suited up, so he couldn’t see their faces. He knew what was coming, he had derived that from the conversation.

“Is he ready?”
“He’s clean. No drugs lingering in his system. Only the inhibitor to control his lightning.”
“Good. Then we can start.” The doctor stepped forward, looked at Thor and he could tell that the man was smiling behind his mask. “Well, well Mister Odinson. So glad you could join us. Nurse, clean the site.”

It was then that he noticed he was shirtless when the nurse used a rather large cotton swab to smear brownish liquid over his abdomen. The doctor procured a scalpel and Thor who hadn’t spoken until now, opened his mouth when the sharp blade started to cut away in his skin.

He screamed until his throat was raw.


“Katherine?” He tried to move, was able to do so, which meant he was back in his cell.
“No. Just me.” A woman’s voice spoke up.
“What?” Thor tried but failed to say more.
“Vivisection. Hurt like a bitch. You kept on screaming, then passed out when your body started healing up.”
Thor grabbed to his midsection. The skin hole again.
“The guards lost their bet. Apparently, I’m faster to heal up. Reall angry they were, kept on kicking you after they dropped you back in here.”
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Just peachy.”


He had the most vivid dream. She was there, his Katherine. So beautiful and strong. Reaching out to him, calling to him. He knew that she wanted him to hold on. And he did. For her he would survive. Their son, Leif. He wanted to meet his boy. Wanted to see him grow up but that would be mute now, wouldn’t it? How long had he been gone?

For too long.

Katherine… His mind reached out, wanting her to give him solace with the sparse images she always pushed through.


“Hey old man, wake up!” The woman in the cell next to him called out.
“Why did you wake me?” He had been dreaming about his wife and son. He wanted that dream back.
“They’re coming.” Was all she managed to say before the door to his cell popped open and his body locked up in a seizure. They had pushed the button for his inhibitor. It wasn’t lightning, that he could absorb but this… it made him helpless.

“Take him.” Was all he heard before lights went out.


He couldn’t breath, something was stopping him from breathing. His eyes flashed open and he found himself surrounded by water. He tried to swim up but there was no up. His hands shot out but all he found was something hard. They had dunked him in a cylinder filled up with water. Everywhere he turned he could see a labcoat, scribbling down something on a notepad.

He needed to breath. So, he started pounding on the barrier but his strength was gone. Panic surged, he could die. He didn’t want to die. Not like this. Sparks surged from his hands. Lightning. He still had his lightning. So he tried to do what came naturally to him. He called the lightning forth but he felt his inhibitor activate and his body going limp.

Thor tried to scream but all he did was gulp in water. His vision darkened and out he went.


“I don’t know how much more I can take.” He rasped. Day in and out they subjected him to some sort of torture. For years as much as he gathered. The only new addition had been Laura Kinney.

They did the same tests on her as they did on him. Seeing who would do better. Like they were trying to get the best of each of them.

Thor figured they were trying to build a super human, combined traits from him and Laura.

They even made them fight each other. Laura was a good fighter, he still had the scars.

“You can’t give up. They will come for us.” Laura told him.

“I’m not that sure anymore…”


“Katherine…” He startled awake.
“Who is this Katherine you keep talking about?” One of the guards was standing over him, poking Thor with his boot. “Is she here as well?”
Thor kept silent as he looked at the man.
“We’ll find her, and if we do…” The man started to laugh. “We’ll just have a go and work her in.”

Thor charged, didn’t think about it but just charged at the guard. He got a few good ones in before the guard’s buddy got in and activated the inhibitor.

“Fucking alien!” The first guard yelled, getting up from the floor with a bloodied nose and a cut above his eye. He moved towards Thor and started kicking him. “You’ll die in here! Just like those others and then we’ll find your girlfriend and repeat the process!”


Katherine… He was half asleep. …Show me. he pleaded. Show me our son. Give me reason to live for.

And slowly, ever so slowly in patches he would get images from his son. From her. From them both. Giving him just enough to hold on.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #5]
It was only a little strange to be summoned by Jaxon without explanation. All right, it was a lot strange. Considering the way his mind worked, she was honestly a little taken aback that he didn’t outright explain himself when she had asked what he had wanted. He had simply accessed the comm system set up between all the rooms and asked her to meet him in one of the old ticket counters because he wanted to her ‘review something’. She hadn’t even had the opportunity to respond.

Helping would probably win her brownie points. It didn’t matter that Paige stuck up for her, or that Gabe sided with allowing her to stay with them. She wasn’t blind to the sideways glances or deaf to the fact that discussions sometimes ceased when she walked into a room. It shouldn’t be in her to blame them for their caution, she could be a mole for all they knew. But what kind of mole would help spring a telepathic mutant under serious lock and key, then deliver said mutant to the rumored mutant resistance?

When she had stepped into the small booth, she had swallowed at the proximity she realized she was going to be sharing with Jaxon. She wasn’t a fan of enclosed spaces, it made her pulse race like a rabbit running scared from bloodhounds nipping at its heels. “What’s up?” She tried to keep her tone even, even as he swept his gaze over her, more searching than anything else.

“I received a feed footage that I was asked to analyze.” He told her as he stepped back from the tiny desk space. “I have enhanced the imagery, but I am not sure what it is the contact wishes me to perceive.”

She wanted to tell him to unhook from the laptop, that it was making him sound too much like a machine. “And you want me to…?”

“Be a new pair of eyes and see what I am overlooking.”

That made so much sense. She pressed her hands against her face and rubbed her brows. Ever since she had permanently folded herself into the small mutant populace of the theater, she was endlessly confused by their mannerisms and the things they focused on. “Okay, let me see.” She offered. Any bit of information should be combed for necessity and potential benefit.

The first viewing had prompted a round of nausea that she had had to open the booth door in order to suck in deep breaths of fresher air to chase. Jaxon at least had the decency to ask if she was all right, and she wondered if it was programming, or if he had actually momentarily unwound himself from all the cybernetics he hooked seamlessly hooked himself into in order to feel something as remote as human emotion.

Scott Summers. She didn’t even need to feed’s sub prompts to tell her his name. She could see Gabe subtly mapped in his features. The woman, then was Emma Frost.

“Show me again. Slower.”

And he did so. He played it from the beginning through the end when it cut out. And when she said nothing, she felt his eyes on her, and then he started it once more and let it run at its proper pace. Over and over and over. And she wanted to be sick. She wasn’t even paying attention to the entirety of the clip any longer, just moments of it, when she looked at him again.

“Was this related to your mutation, before?” She asked.

Jaxon looked at her, and she felt as much as she watched his eyes shift between her own before moving on to study the rest of her face as though he were waiting for a cue to slip. Then he shook his head. “Languages. Any of them.” He explained while the feed continued to loop. “Latin, French, Italian, German, Russian. Those were the first.” He met her eyes with his own once more. “Programming languages are just that: languages.”

It was fascinating, truly if she were being honest. She knew how to access the information, how to modify it, how to read it, how tweak it, and play with it. But Jaxon could communicate with it. If she were being more honest, she was a tad bit jealous.

She looked up right as Scott opened his eyes, and she watched that ruby red hue cut across the screen until- “Stop.” And once Jaxon responded to her request, the screen froze on video static. “Go back.” He set to rewinding it and she lifted a hand. “No, wait, I mean frame by frame.” She tried to clarify her intent. When nothing happened, she looked up at him.

“What are you seeing?” He pressed.

She gave a few nods of her head. “I’ll show you if you move the feed slowly.”

So he did. And it was almost agonizingly slow that she wondered to what degree he took an instruction because she probably could have boiled water and made a perfect cup of tea in the time he had slower a twenty second window.

She touched her finger to the monitor when it happened. Emma’s form briefly blurred, as though some sort of interference had slipped between the camera and her figure. But her body had shifted, becoming pale. Pale and reflective, clear and refractive. Emma Frost could assume some gemstone like composition. The way her figure refracted light the moment Scott’s optics hit her, she was one of two stones.

“I’ve seen Paige do that.” She finally said.

Jaxon leaned closer to her, his shoulder enough to nudge hers. “I do not understand the significance.”

“She cognitively shifted herself, whether it was intentional, or a subconscious defensive.”

“And?” He prompted her further. “Elise?”

“You have to be alive to hold that form.”
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[In-Character] [Post #6]
He woke up with a start, breathing heavily and sitting straight up on his bed. The world was tinged red, something he hadn’t seen for a long, long time. His hand moved up to his face. Glasses. He was wearing a pair of glasses. Ruby quarts.

“We had to dig for those.” A female voice spoke to him from his right. He looked at her and frowned. She frowned back but more in question, like she was waiting for something. “You remember why you need those?” She asked him and he closed his eyes, thinking. His first thought had been to take them off but something had stopped him. Instinct kicking in that he needed to leave them on.

“I think so?” It was more of a question, his brain trying to come up with the right answer. There was one, and it wanted to come out but… He made a sound of frustration.

“It’s okay. Let’s try with something else.” She smiled at him and he stopped struggling to find an answer to her first question. “Can you tell me your name?” She asked him. He frowned once more, this felt easier to him. Like it was on the tip of his tongue.

“I know it starts with an S…” he told her, digging further into his mind. “S…cott? Yes, I’m sure it’s Scott.” He told her with a smile, glad that at least he knew his name.

“Scott…” The woman used his name and it felt familiar, it felt good to hear it. “…Do you know who I am?” She asked him, and he started to study her. She looked familiar, knew he had talked to her a lot and she was related to him? Yes, he was sure that she was.

“We’re family, right?” He asked her, trying to get more lose from his own mind. She nodded with a smile. “Through marriage.” He summed up, she nodded once more. “My brother… Alex? No, wait… Gabriel. You’re with Gabriel.” Things started to click into place. “You have kids with him, how do I know this? I haven’t met them, have I?”

“Well, not directly. One has been roaming around your mind. Apparently she can do that, regardless of your telepathic resistance.” She didn’t sound amused by that, more worried but that must be a mother thing.

“Caitlin. Your name is Caitlin.” He let out a sigh. There it was, her name and slowly the rest started to come back to him.

“So, do you remember why you have to wear those glasses?” Caitlin asked him and he slowly nodded.

“Because I’m a mutant and I shoot lasers out of my eyes.” He laughed and let himself fall back to the bed. He finally remembered and all he could do was laugh.


“Okay, Scott, pay attention.” Caitlin was sitting in front of him and looking very serious. “What was Gabe’s favourite toy growing up?” She had even brought a notebook to write down his answers.

“Why do you want to know?” He asked her suspiciously. “What did he do?” She actually looked appalled at him.

“I’m just helping you remember things!” She told him.

“I’m not really believing that.” Scott laughed but she looked so sincere, sitting there with her notebook. One that was labelled ‘things to get back at Gabe with’. Perhaps he should point that out to her but his sister in law was… emotional these days. He had his suspicions but Caitlin had deflected all questions regarding her wellbeing.

He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a small scar there. “I miss my lenses. At least they let me see in colour.”

“You remembered you had lenses.” Caitlin looked at him in surprise.

“I noticed the scar at the back of my neck, I touched it and the memory was just there. Stark made them for me.” Scott looked at her, sad now. “He’s dead too.” And Caitlin just nodded.

“We could always ask Elise, Forge and Jax to look into it.”

“It’s okay, old school is probably better. Not easy to track down that way.” Another thing he had remembered, they had him tracked down through the chip that had controlled his lenses. After all, they had all of Starks files and it had been easy to figure out who was running around with Start tech. Including him.

He frowned, another memory wanted to surface but he got interrupted by Caitlin who cleared her throat. Right favourite toy.

“I think it was a miniature version of our dad’s plane.” Scott told her and then laughed at the look on her face. “Not good enough?” He asked.

“Honestly, I was expecting a gross sock puppet or something. Shaped like pizza of Chinese food.”

That made him laugh even harder.


“Okay so, there’s Tony and Lexie.” Scott summed up. “They’re yours and Gabe’s.”

“That’s right. Lexie went with Alex for four years but then your brother decided to not be dead and my daughter found it too confusing with her uncle walking around to be named Alex as well.” Caitlin still wasn’t happy about that but alas, it was her daughter’s choice. “So she declared to be named Lexie from now on.”

“She sounds like she’s a hand full.” Scott grinned.

“You have no idea. She’s a few minutes younger then Tony but she acts like she’s the oldest of the two. Oh and Tony, who heard his sister wanted to be named differently, decided that he should get a new name too.”

“Of course, you can’t be outdone by your sister.” He laughed.

“Please, don’t tell him that. Especially since he wanted to be named Scotty. Gabe had looked at him and told him flat out no. Explained that it would be too confusing with you around. So Tony declared himself Captain Amazing and ran off.”

Scott started to laugh in earnest and Cait swatted at him. “It sounds like you have a second Gabe on your hands.”

“You have no idea.” She shook her head, laughing herself.

“And the very little one is Ben. He’s Alex and Paige’s son. You know when those three barged in and I saw him, I figured that Alex must have looked like that growing up.” He sounded regretful that he hadn’t seen his brother grow up, nor even known he had another brother until they were adults.

“I think so too.” Cait agreed. She smiled at that. And he realised that she and Alex had a thing before. Like a long time ago. “Don’t go there, Scott. I’m all for you remembering things but there are things I will not discuss with you. Let the past rest, please.”

“Alright, alright. You saying this already tells me I’m remembering it right.” She gave him a nod at that and they just sat in silence.

“So why did the triad barge in on you?” She asked and he snorted.

“Wanted me to use my laser eyes.”
“You didn’t!”
“Of course not! Told them they weren’t working properly yet.” And he hadn’t been lying. He could feel them turn on and off, like a glitch in the system. “Lexie just looked at me like she knew something was up and the boys just nodded and left.”

“Yeah she does that. Did she say anything?” He could tell from her tone that there was something going on.
“Nope. Just gave me another look and followed the other two.” Well, not entirely true. She had told him to remember faster. That he would need his eyes soon. It had creeped him out.


“Okay so hold on, you found Logan frozen in the same facility they kept me?” Scott was rubbing the back of his neck. He still couldn’t believe the old coot was still alive. For all these years they had thought every single person connected to the professor had died but clearly they had been wrong.

“Yeah, he was infected with the virus. Healing wasn’t working fast enough so he and Howard Stark came up with an idea to freeze him and give his body the time to heal.” Caitlin told him. “They were waking him each year to test his blood, Tony was supposed to keep the torch going but as always… we think he got side tracked and then picked up by the SGF, leaving Logan in cold storage.”

“Damn.” Was all he could say. “He’s here now?”

“Yeah, he’s here alright.” Caitlin sounded amused. “He’s been brooding in his room. Letting no one in.”

“The virus…?” Scott asked.
“Cured. Jax scanned him, a full body scan and there were no remnants of the virus.”
“Jax is the half human, half android, right?”
“Well, more cybernetic than human. But close enough.” She told him.
“So why isn’t Logan coming out of his room?” Scott asked.
“He’s being an asshole. Victor is well liked around here and he doesn’t get it.”
“Yeah I still have issues with that one as well.” Scott scratched his chin.
“We all know about his past, but we can’t afford to throw people out because of that. He has done enough for the resistance to remedy that. And surprisingly he’s good with kids.”
“They’ve started to call him uncle Victor, much to Gabe’s dismay.”

Scott started to laugh, already seeing his brother’s face when his kids kept calling Victor uncle. “I would love to see his reaction.”

“You will, once you remember everything.”

Scott frowned, trying to think about what he was still not remembering and he knew it had to do with the moment they had caught him and locked him up. Those years were hard to access. Caitlin had told him that he had to do it slowly and that talking with other people could cause a relapse.

“I know they’re there. Those memories but…”
“… they cause you too much pain right now. It’s why I’m helping you. Ease you into it.” Caitlin smiled at him, and it was then that he saw she was looking tired.
“How much energy are you putting into this?”
“I’m fine, Scott. Don’t worry about me.”

But he had a feeling he should be worrying about her.


“They put me next to her.” Scott said, staring at a glass figurine on the table. Lexie had brought it in, even though her mother had told her not to bother uncle Scott. It was cut like it was from diamond, a little dove.

“Put you next to whom?” Caitlin asked, now noticing the figurine and sighing at its sight. Of course, she would know who had brought him that.

“I see.”
“You already know.”
“What do you remember?”
“What did they do? To us?”
“What do you remember, Scott?”
“Pain. A lot of pain.” He sounded wounded, broken and he hated that.
“There’s no pain here.” Caitlin gave him a comforting smile. “Tell me the memory.”
“Emma, trying to break through a glass wall. Pain. Tasers. Vomit.” He shuddered, but the memory wasn’t that painful and he knew that Caitlin was helping him through it. Knew that if she wouldn’t he would have been sobbing on the floor right now. “God, she looked so fierce. My beautiful Diamond.”
“She wasn’t one for giving up.” Caitlin agreed.
“Stubborn to the core.” He smiled, then frowned. Another memory nagging at his mind.
“That’s enough for now. Lexie shouldn’t have brought you that.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re not ready, Scott.”

And I believe her.


“You were in my head.” Scott told Caitlin and she nodded.
“I was, along with Beth and Lexie. Making sure you wouldn’t break.”
“Someone else was there too.” He frowned, knowing for sure that he was right on this. He looked at the crystal dove and a memory tickled him.
“Who, Scott? Who else was there?”
“Emma?” It sounded more like a question but he was certain that he was right.
“Are you certain about that?”
“God, you can be so evasive!” He blurted out at her, annoyed.
“Talk to your brother about that.” Caitlin sounded amused and that annoyed him even more.
“But yes, I’m certain. It was her. She was in my head but longer than you and the others.” Scott frowned again. “She… made me forget?” It was annoying that he couldn’t remember, that he was guessing but not knowing if his guess was right until he said it out loud. “Yes. Before you start asking. I’m sure. She built a place in my head so we could hide out together and she made me forget something.”
“Emma was indeed in your head. But your mind started to push her out, natural resistance overcoming the intrusion of an omega telepath.”
“But what did she make me forget?” He looked at Caitlin but she shook her head. Right. He had to remember on his own.


He was holding the dove tenderly in his hands, stroking the surface gently and focusing on a memory that was finally ready to come out. Caitlin was sitting next to him, waiting patiently for him to start talking but he didn’t know where to start.

“You and Emma were in connected cells?” She finally spoke up, helping him along so he had a start for his story.
“We were… just a glass wall between us. They had control of my chip, the one in my neck that let me control the lenses Tony made. They wanted me to …” he stopped, swallowing back the words he was about to say. Ease filled him, Caitlin helping him along.
“Must have been hard seeing her like that.”
“It was. I wanted to save her. Get us both out but I was so exhausted. I could barely stand.”
“You made it out though.”
“I did but not the way I had liked it to happen.”
“Tell me.”
“They had me shackled to the wall, Emma in front of me. They had us drugged, no that’s not right. They had her drugged. I’m sure of that.” He frowned. “They wanted me to kill her.” He started to breath hard. “O, god and I did. I killed her.” He sounded panicked, his eyes burning.
“Stop, Scott. Remember it. Remember what truly happened.” Caitlin placed a hand on his arm and his panic ebbed away. He took in a deep breath.
“She told me to do it. To kill her because she couldn’t bring me back if I’d die. I refused, but it was her or me. I couldn’t do it. Couldn’t kill the woman I love. Lose her. I said as much but they had her drugged…” The scene played out in front of him. The way he had pleaded with her, trashing against his restraints. “She took control. Emma activated my blast and then there’s darkness.” Scott’s crying, he can feel the tears running down his face and Cait pulls him in an embrace.

“It’s okay, Scott. She’s not dead. You didn’t kill her.” She hushed him but the words didn’t really register just yet. “She saved you both. She jumped her conscious self into your mind, made you forget everything. Who you were, what you were and they couldn’t use you anymore. That’s why they dumped you on the streets where I found you.” Cait rubbed his back as he cried like a teenage boy. All the anguish, the sorrow and pain, it all came out and she let him get it all out of his system.


“Where is she now?” He had calmed down enough, the things Caitlin had said to him, had finally registered and now he needed to see her.

“Her body is safe. Her mind is with Beth, or so I assume. We tried to put her back but we’re not sure how.” Caitlin frowned. “She didn’t leave a manual or something.”

“Let me see her.” Scott still didn’t believe that Emma wasn’t dead but Cait insisted that she was indeed alive. Diamond form wasn’t easy to hold. He was still holding the crystal dove his niece had given him. His thumb slowly rubbing it, giving him comfort.

“I’m not sure that’s a smart idea, Scott.” Caitlin looked at him like he would break any minute. And maybe he would but he wanted to see his woman.

“I don’t give a damn if it’s smart. I want to see her. Now.” He growled and Cait threw up her hands in defeat.

“Fine. Come on then.”

He smiled, but worry set into his bones. What if they couldn’t get her conscious mind back into her body? What would happen to her then? He couldn’t lose her. He would not accept that. She belonged next to his side, telling him about her day and cuddling up in their bed. Not leaving said bed for days and ignore the world around them.

Yes, that sounded like an awesome plan. So, she better make sure she would come back alive, so he could ask her to marry him and never leave him again.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #7]
“I can’t.”
“I can’t … unhook me … get me out of …”, he thrashed against the restraints holding him. “Get me out of this fuckin’ chair.”
“I apologize, Alex.”
“For what …”

And before Alex knew it, Jaxon was injecting him with something that made his head swim. The ground opened up underneath him, and for a while, Alex was just floating. There was still that chair, and his arm remained strapped into it. Alex turned his head, watching at the plugs and cords disappearing into his skin there. Jaxon was still running a full diagnostic.

Alex reminded himself of “82%”. He needed this. Any less performance on the arm and he would apparently experience difficulty using the arm properly. His mutation required the arm to run at full capacity. Otherwise an overcharge of energy would be fatal, for him and for anyone around him.

When Jaxon had laid down the details for him, Alex had been quiet glad that Paige had not come to this appointment today.

Just that talking to Jax, the injected medication to aid in properly assessing the arm and a bit of memory mojo had triggered an attack. And now, there had been a second needle. He hated being injected with anything. Every medication came with side effects. This one now made his head swim and displaced his tactile sense almost completely.

“What the fuck?” he pushed out, his voice slurring.
“It is a sedative.”
“Fuck. You’re not putting me under …” Alex tried to move.

His mind was dipping into old pictures making it hard to discern for him what was here and now, and what was in the past. Again, he pushed against the contraption holding his arm.

“Alex, I suggest you stop.”
“Get this off me!” Alex ground out.
“The diagnostic is running. I should not shut it off.”

Alex fought against the mellowing effects of the drug Jaxon had injected him with. Breathing was still difficult. It felt like he had not just gotten his arm strapped into a machine but his chest as well.

Images played before Alex’s inner eye, and he tried to shut it but could not. Memories, merging into the here and now. Alex stood in the crowd. A face amongst many, invisible in their diversity and large number. He simply stood where he was, watching the woman with the fellow at her side. Blonde hair, pulled back into a pony-tail. She laughed, joked. She swatted the fellow against the arm, rolled her eyes – and she never noticed his blue eyes, the familiar face. It had been just shy of a year … and apparently Paige Guthrie had moved on well enough.

“No”, Alex breathed out as he felt hot tears push into the corners of his eyes. It was just as it ought to be, he told himself. She was moving on. She had someone new and was not heart-broken about him. No need to have a guilty conscience.

All was well, Alex told himself.
Just that if that were true, then he certainly should not feel like this. Like the ground was about to fall out from under him.

“Paige …”, he whispered, cursing the dizziness in his mind. His mind rolled directly into the next scene.

His bed. Alone. Sleepless. One night merged into the next, merged into the next and the next. So many nights, his mind had found no calm. Sleep had eluded him, as he had tossed and turned with the need to go and find her.

“I’m sorry…” he murmured, as the scenes kept pushing at him. That night. That damned night he had agreed to go out for beers with two guys from his work. One of them had come up, when Alex had buzzed him in. “Steve, didn’t think you had a girlfriend …!” he had suddenly heard to voice from his living room. Alex froze mid-motion. He turned, the picture – usually face-down beside his bed – was not there. He had taken it out into the living room the previous night. “Damnit”, he cursed, pulling on the sweater before stepping out to meet Carl.

“That’s my sister, you idiot.”
It had been the only thing for him to think of.

Five hours later, Alex was back at his living room table. In front of him sat a bowl. Paige’s image in it. He had been sitting here for the past half hour, match in hand, unlit, staring down at Paige’s face on the photo. “God, I miss you…”, he kept whispering as he continued to try make his arm move. When eventually he dropped the lit match, Alex could feel the familiar sensation of the wave rising around his ankles. An attack rolling in.

When eventually, it had ended, he had fished a whiskey bottle from below the sink and he had emptied it – straight from the bottle. He slept the night, passed out, on the floor in a foetal position on the bathroom floor.

Alex was hardly aware of the tears running down his cheeks.

Jaxon was speaking, but not to him, Alex could not make out the words. Instead, he found himself in a carrousel of images and memories. Four years of cold and dark nights, of time spent on his own, away from his family in a futile attempt to find his brother. Alex had no idea how to get out of it. The medication kept the wave low, but it also kept him from shutting off the memories.

Far far away, Jaxon’s voice got more urgent.

Then suddenly he felt weight on top of him. Alex blinked, opened his eyes. “Get me out of here”, he breathed when his eyes focussed on Paige.

“The diagnostic is at 95 percent.”
“How much longer?”
“Five minutes. Ten at most.”
Alex did not hear the exchange between Jaxon and Paige. His eyes were fast on her face, on her lips, synchronising his breathing to hers.

“Alex, breathe.”
“Paige, please”, he flexed the muscles in his shoulders, rattling the apparatus. “It’s all coming back.” He gulped, his adam’s apple bopping in his throat.
“You’re almost done.”
He sucked air in, trying to find any kind of anchor to not get yanked down.

Paige’s lips found his in a gentle brush, before claiming his mouth with more intensity.
Alex exhaled with a shiver.
There it was, that anchor.

Ten minutes later, a drowsy Alex was allowing Paige to put his arm back into his shirt sleeve.
“How long has he had them?” Jaxon asked Paige.
Alex just shook his head.
“I suggest medication. It might easy the intensity, or possibly the frequency. How often do you have them?”
“No”, his voice was hoarse but his tone left no room for discussion. “No medication. If it’s anything like the shit you just put into me, I rather do it without.”
Paige inhaled deeply, exhaling through her nose. She gave Jaxon a shrug. Nothing to be done if the patient denied treatment.
“Can we go?” Alex asked Paige, just before he stood and she let him put his arm around her shoulders.

Together, they left the lab.

bury my heart next to yours
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[In-Character] [Post #8]
"Hi..." I say awkwardly when the door opens.
"Can I help you?" The woman in front of me replies.
"I'm Kate Bishop and eh, I was asked to find you." it's ridiculous. I should have just ignored the note but it sounded important. Hell it even came with an awesome gift.
"Me? Specifically me?" She doesn't sound convinced.
"Yeah, you're Elise Hartley right?" I'm not sounding sure anymore and this whole standing in a hallway thing starts to freak me out. Especially with her scrutinising me.
"By whom?"
"Rather not say out here." Because ears were everywhere and I didn't want to say his name out loud.
"That’s not ominous or anything." She stepped back, and just like that she trusts me not to attack her. Or kill her. I step inside, drop my duffel in her hallway and follow her inside the small kitchen where she was making tea. "Talk. You have five minutes."
"Tony Stark sent me." And she stops, looks at me and points at a chair.
"Sit. Apparently this will take longer than five minutes."
And I just sit, trusting her that she won't kill me in return.


"Elise, come on! I've been waiting forever." I groan, tapping my fingers against my hip while I wait for her to find those damn arrows she was so gunho about.
"Just one more minute!" Her voice came from her bedroom and I let out a sigh.
"You said that ten minutes ago!" I shout back at her. This mission was already time sensitive and with her …
"Found them!" She darted out of her room, smile on her face and I just shake my head.
"They must be bloody awesome for us to run this late." I sigh and she just grins at me.
"They are awesome." She gives them to me and I frown. I thought they were hers. Clearly I thought wrong. "I made them for you. Yours are garbage."
"What are they?"
"You'll see." She grins some more and part of me just wants to leave the arrows behind. Last time I ended up glued to the wall.


"Oh my god!" I exclaim giggling. "Did you see that bloke's face?"
"See it? It's imprinted on my retina!" Elise laughs and I love hearing the sound of it. It warms me from the inside.
"What were in those arrows you gave me?" She had made me another pair of surprise arrows and since she was improving, I wasn't worried in using them.
"I thought sleeping gas." She laughed even harder.
"Elise, that wasn't sleeping gas!" I laugh with her, my stomach hurting.
"Clearly I mixed a few things up."
"You mixed his whole face up!" And now we're both laughing so hard that we're bend over double on the couch. I'm so glad I went out and found this woman. She's making life so much more interesting.


"Okay, take it off!" I wave my cards at her. Realising that I shouldn't do that but my mind isn't really sober.
"No, no you take it off. I won this round!" Elise pointed at me and I frown. Wait, what? I look at the set on the table and curse silently. Then I start to laugh. "See? Full house!"
"Alright, alright." I slur and am already in the process of taking off my tank top. "Do I need to take a shot to now?"
"Yessssss." Elise draws the word out and started laughing. "Come on light weight!" She's taunting me and I just throw my shirt at her laughing. I fill my glass with tequila and down it in one go. It's burning down my throat but I manage to keep it down. We play another round and another and another until we're both so waisted that we fall over giggling. I'm throwing limes at her.
"Weren't we supposed to use these too?" I ask her snorting as I get a lime back in the face.
"Aren't we now?" She replies and we both start laughing again.
We must have blacked out, because when I wake up she has an arm wrapped around me and is flush against my back. I don't dare to move. I like this more than I should. Her spooning me, even if it happened while we were drunk and she wouldn't if we were sober. I just close my eyes and enjoy it while it lasts. Next time I open my eyes, Elise is gone and I have a blanket draped over me. A glass of water and some asperines are waiting for me on the coffee table.


"Elise, you know I don't like surprises." I grumble, shuffling slowly forward with her hands covering my eyes.
"You will like this one." She tells me, I can hear the smile in her voice. So I trust her. Like I always do.
"If you make me fall on my face..."
"I'll catch you. Now hush and stand still. Hold your eyes closed, please." I sigh at her words but hold my eyes closed, just like she asked. I really don't want to get her pissed. She's not fun to be around when she's pissed.
"Elise..." I start but she stops me with a finger on the lips.
"Look." And I do, and I'm speechless. I'm standing in front of a mannequin, covered in purple leathers. A jacket and pants. Boots were standing next to it and I start to smile brightly. Elise had been nagging me for months to get a new outfit and I had just waved it off.
"Where did you get this?" I ask her, stepping forward and pressing fingers against the o so supple leather.
"That’s not important. Do you like it?"
"Like it? I love it!"
"Put it on" She smiled at me and my heart flutters in my chest.
I tried it on and I felt more like Hawkeye in that moment, than I ever felt since I took that moniker.


“Shit, Elise you could have gotten killed!” I shout at her, throwing my quiver on the couch.
“You’re overreacting.” She rolls her eyes at me and it angers me more.
“I’m overreacting? You were surrounded!” I place my bow on the table, unzipping my jacket as I look at her. She’s standing there, with no care in the world and I want to shake her. “They had their guns on you, fuck… Elise…”
“You were there, I wasn’t in real danger.”
“You got to be fucking kidding me.” I know she trusts me with her life but this, this was too much trust. I let out a frustrated snarl, rubbing my face to bring down the anger.
“Why are you so angry?” Her voice, she’s standing closer and when I remove my hands I’m looking at her face.
“Because what if I missed?” I ask her with a small voice.
“You are your father’s daughter. Hawkeye doesn’t miss.” She smiles at me and something snaps in me. I close the distance between us, my hands framing her face as I pull her towards me and press my lips against hers. Silence. I’m scared I just ruined our friendship. Right before I pull back, her arms come around me and she starts kissing me back. I’m scared but Elise keeps kissing me … I’m drowning and when I come up for air, we’re both panting. I like her, I like her a lot. Yet I won't tell her that. I can't, I'm too afraid and instead I just take what I can get. What she's willing to give me.
"Elise..." Her finger is back on my lips, hushing me.
"For once, Kate, don't overthink this." And then she's back to kissing me and I take it.


I'm watching her, she's on my bed on her belly with her laptop in front of her. Her legs are crossed and all I can think about is running my tongue over them. Lost in thought I don't even hear her talk to me. "Hmm?"
"I said, do you think we should go help them out?"
"Help who?"
"The resistance." She turns her head to look at me, using her foot to shove me a little.
"Why would we help them? They're high profile." I nudge her foot, letting my fingers trail over her smooth skin from her ankle to the back of her knee.
"Because we do good in the world." She declared and I sigh. "Come on Kate. We have the skills, they can use us." I snort at that. Right.
"Us mere humans go and help them? El… that's just asking for SentS to come and kill you." I let my hand trail higher up her leg, shifting so I can continue that path my fingers are eager to take.
"Hmm." She replies and I know that she doesn't like my answers. I don't know what to tell her though. I don't like us aligned with them. It's painting a bullseye on our backs. I move my lips to the back of her leg, kissing a trail up and following the path of my fingers.
"Let's not talk about this now, okay?" I ask her, hearing her close her laptop and then turning so she's on her back and facing me.
"Katie..." She gasps, stops talking when I spread her legs and make myself comfortable between them.
"I just like you safe." I tell her, and then do that thing with my tongue she likes so much. I hear her sigh and her body reacts instantly to what I'm doing. I smile. I've won this round.


"Kate, we really have to do something. I know what they’re after and I know where it is." Elise was staring me down, standing in front of me while I'm sitting on the couch. I look up at her and frown. We're having the same discussion again. I thought I had swayed her from this stupid idea. Clearly not.
"Why are you so ready to get yourself killed?" I ask her. "You do realise that once they find out you have aligned yourself with them, Sentinel Services will come for you." And that scares the living hell out of me.
"I am aware" She exclaims and I can tell that she really doesn't care.
"I can't let you do that. I can't let you throw your life away like that!" I'm half shouting back. I really don't want her to go.
"Come with me then." She asks and I just shake my head.
"You don't know what you're asking of me." I stand up, not liking this one bit.
"Kate, you and I know that if we don't help... don't give them this info, it’s all going to fall apart very soon."
"Why, El?"
"I can't sit here and do nothing. He wouldn't have wanted that." She crosses her arms in front of her chest and I feel scared. Proper scared. Which scares me even more.
"You don't know what he wants, he's dead! Do you want to end up like him? Do you?" I snap at her and then my cheek hurts. She has slapped me and I feel ashamed.
"That was uncalled for. I'm going." She declares and I shake my head.
"Please, don't. I beg you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that." I sound desperate. I am desperate. I grab her and she lets me, her eyes are looking at me with sadness in them and I don't like it one bit. "Please, Elise..." I speak softly now and she sighs. Stepping closer to me, her lips are on mine in an instant. I sigh, kissing her back with a desperation. She feels it, I'm sure because she undresses me and I'm undressing her. I want her so bad in my life, I can't seem to share her. I don't want her to go but I can't go with her. We make love and when I fall asleep that night with her holding me, I cry silently. I don't want her to leave me but when I wake up the next morning, she's gone. Not a surprise, really. A note is greeting me.

Kate, You know I had to go. I know where to look, and I know how to get in.

My heart breaks in that moment. I just lost my best friend and it is my own damn fault.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #9]
I feel terrible. Like I’m slowly being consumed from the inside out. That last mission, the one that has cost me everything… I can’t go back. Can’t show my face anymore. They have to believe I’m dead but this sickness is eating at me. My healing can’t fight it. I can feel the battle raging inside. Half dead in a ditch, it’s where this man found me. Howard Stark.

“I’m dying, aren’t I?” I ask the man in front of me.
“Logan, the test results…” He starts.
“Just fucking tell me, Stark.” I snarl getting a coughing fit right after. I cough up blood, I can taste it and it’s only getting worse.
“You are. Your body is losing the fight. Your healing factor isn’t working fast enough to eradicate the virus.” Stark looks at me with pity in his eyes and I growl at him. I don’t need pity.
“So, this is it then?” I ask, trying to feel the finality of it. I’m going to die after all these years of walking this godforsaken Earth. I’m not sure how I feel about that.
“I have an idea.”
“I’m not getting poked with needles again, bub.” I say to him.
“Cryogenics, Logan. We freeze you.”
“Freeze me? Like a popsicle?” I sound doubtful.
“It’s the only option we can think off right now.”
“Fuck.” I start coughing again, more blood in my mouth. Is this my legacy? Being frozen in a box somewhere? “Do whatever you need to do.”
“Are you sure, Logan?”
“It’s either frozen ‘cicle or die, Stark.” It just sucks I’m ending up just like my brother. “You said it yourself. I’m not healing fast enough to fight this damn virus.” This damn cough is getting worse.
“This might not work either. We haven’t tested you to determine what your healing will do when we put you in that chamber.” Howard tries to warn me but I’m shaking my head.
“No more testing, bub. Been through enough of that shit in my lifetime. It either works or it doesn’t. I’m going to die anyway.”
“Alright. We’ll keep track of your vitals and every year we will get you out to test your blood for the virus.”
“Sounds good to me.”


“How much longer, Stark.” I growl at him for sticking a needle in me.
“I’ll test your blood.” Howard looks optimistic.
“This is the second time you woke me.” I tell him and he just nods.
“It isn’t perfect science, Logan. I’ve never seen this before.”
“Can’t you give me a number?” I want to know when I can get my life back. Something tells me that they need me out there. Which surprises me, must be damn influence of Charles running amok in my mind.
“We tried to calculate the time you need to fix this but the program isn’t reliable yet.”
“Just tell me.”
“At least another ten years.”
I start to growl, which ends in a coughing fit. I’m not better, not by a long shot. I can still feel it inside me.
“I’m sorry, Logan.”
“Whatever, bub. Put me under again.”


“Where’s Howard?” I look at the younger man in front of me.
“He’s dead.”
“Ten years ago.”
“What happened?” I growl at him. I’ve been in this chamber for ten years? And he only wakes me now?
“Plane crash. So, you’re his secret project.” The younger version of Howard tells me. I know it’s his son, I can smell the familiarity rolling off of him.
“You’re taking over?” I grunt at him. “Why wasn’t I woken sooner?”
“My father didn’t tell me he had you as his pet in his basement.” Tony looks at me, studying me and it’s making me want to growl some more at him. “You see, I had a while to read up on what he was doing and I was conflicted in what to do with you.”
“And? You woke me up so I guess you decided on something, bub.” I feel a tickle in the back of my throat but it’s not a full cough yet.
“I’ve decided to help you.” He drops his tablet. “Come with me.”
“Don’t you need to poke me with a needle or something?” I grunt but follow him anyway as he walks away from me.
“I told you I had a while to read up on you.” Tony walks to the other end of the room, it’s there that I see a new and improved chamber. “I made you a new cryo chamber. I even improved the program that has been running your results.”
“You’re still sick.”
“I figured.” I started coughing now to prove his point. “No needles?”
“No needles. This chamber is going to replace all that.” Tony starts to push a few buttons. “Hop on in. It will keep track of your vitals and wake you up once the virus is out of your system.”
“So, no more waking?”
“No more waking.”


“It seems that your chamber has been moved around a lot after they got Tony.” Red tells me and I just grunt. “This log is very … specific.” She looks at a small device and I shrug. “Hmmm.” Red frowns and it makes me frown in return.
“According to this, it should have woken you up five years ago.”
“Clearly it didn’t.” I drily reply, following her into what looks like a work out room.
“Clearly.” She answers and taps away. “Ah, it seems the wake-up protocol got damaged in transit. Nobody knew because diagnostics hadn’t been run in years.” Which wasn’t surprising to me since Tony was the only one who knew where I had been.
“So, you’re saying…”
“I know why you were in there, Logan. If the chamber wanted to wake you, it means you are free of the virus.” Caitlin tells me softly. Relief fills me. I’m not dying anymore. I should be glad but it also meant I lost friends while being asleep for so long. Suddenly my hackles rise and I turn.
“Creed!” I snarl, looking at the man standing in the doorway.
“Jimmy.” He looks at me with the same viciousness I’m feeling. “Not dead.” He says.
“Not dead.” And then he comes at me, claws out and I respond in kind.


I’m wiping away blood from my face, the cuts are already healing. Like always. The room we’re in is torn up and we’re both on the floor breathing hard.
“We good?” He asks me and I just growl. “Say it, Jimmy.”
I hate that he calls me that. “Whatever, asshole.”
“Everyone thought you were dead.” He tells me.
“I wasn’t.”
“Fuck, Jimmy. What the hell happened to you?” he snarls at me and I return the favour.
“I was dying. Now I’m not.” I sit up and look at him. I hate that time has been kinder to him than it was to me. I look older, while he’s the older one. I figure it has to do with my slow regeneration over the years. “What’s it to you, bub?”
“You’re my brother, Jimmy.”
“You never gave a rats ass about that. So why now?” I growl at him.
“These last years… they were an eye opener.”
“So, shit hits the fan and you turn pussy?”
“You’re one to say. You hid like a coward.”
We start snarling again and we’re back at each other’s throat, claws out and hacking away for a second round. One thing we were always good at, fighting each other.

“You done now?” Victor wipes away his blood, mirroring me in that moment and I hate him. I fiercely hate him and know that will never change.
“Ever call me a coward again and you’ll have to regrow your head.” I snarl at him.
“Fuck you, Jimmy.” And he stalks away, I’m of a mind to follow him and put him back in his place but something stops me. I analyse our fight and I realise he had been pulling his punches.

Which angers me. The fuck head took pity on me.

Nobody takes pity on me.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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"Stop fucking running from me!" I growl at my brother.
"Make me." Is all he says.
"No. We're not doing this. Not now." I need to talk to him, need to tell him about Laura.
"What's so important?"
"Laura." Is all I say.
"What about her?" He stops his snarling and I know that he's curious.
"You know she smells familiar. You know she's related to us." I wait for him to catch up. I know he's not an idiot.
"She's yours." He says with confidence. I just shake my head.
"No idiot. She's not. She might smell like me but she's not mine." That makes him frown and I wait for him to connect the dots.
"She can't be mine." He growls, ready to attack me because that's all he knows how to do.
"Wake the fuck up, Jimmy." I growl right back at him.
"It isn't possible. I would know."
"Weapon X." I just say and he stops. Looks at me and starts frowning. "Her code name is X-23. The only one to survive."
"Fuck." He says, rubbing a hand over his face. "She's … mine?"
"Congrats, it's a girl." I tell him with a grin.
"Fuck." He repeats and then stalks off to gods know where.


"Fuck, Laura… I told you nobody talks like that." I look at my niece who has been going on about some sort of movie she watched last night. About dinosaurs. "You really need to start using those contractions." I grumble but she looks at me, and I know she's thinking about something.
"Thor does not use contractions either." She tells me and I just stare at her.
"He's a fucking god." She looks at me like that doesn't matter. "Fine, he's ancient. He gets to use full sentences."
"I do not understand why I have to. Do people not understand me?"
I just want to throw up my hands and give up but… "They do. It's just that you don't sound like your age. You need to learn how to adapt." It's something she needs to start learning, she has rapid healing. Like me, like Jimmy. She won't grow old like the rest. Which means she has to learn how to fit in.
"I see. So if I sound my age, it will be okay? But I will not grow older as everyone around me will, so how will that work? I will not always sound my age, then." She frowns at me and I sigh deeply.
"You need to learn how to fit in to your surroundings. Which means using contractions" I try to get her to see my point of view but so far I think I've only confused her.
"I need to think about this." She tells me and I watch her walk away.


"Why does he smell like us?" Laura looks at me, finally asking the question I've been dreading. Why she isn't asking Jimmy, I have no idea.
"Why don't you ask him?" I grumble, trying to grab the bowl of leftover chicken from the fridge.
"I am asking you." She pushes the door close before I can grab the chicken.
"I'm not sure you want an answer to that, Laura." If Jimmy hasn't talked to her yet, why should I be the one to spill the beans?
"Victor, please answer my question. Why does he smell so similarly to us?" But I can hear the underlying question Why does he smell like me?
"He's my brother." I tell her, opening the door to the fridge again.
"Your brother?" She pushes it close again.
"Yes, my younger one but I've got the looks." I start to get annoyed. I want food and she's stopping me from getting any.
"You are being evasive. I am your niece. He is your brother… Is he my uncle also?" She frowns at me and I look at her.
"He's not your uncle." I wait for her to connect the dots, much like Jimmy did.
"I see. He is my father then?" She ask, being faster with it than her dad had been.
"He is, but you should talk to him about it. Not me." I shouldn't have been the one to have told her this to begin with.
"I think he has been avoiding me."
"That's because he's a fucking idiot. You'll get used to it." I finally open up the fridge door again and grab the bowl before she can stop me.
"How can he be my father?"
I look at her, wondering if she has ever heard about the birds and the bees and really do not want to explain that little fact to her.
"I know how it works, Victor. But how can he be?"
"Experiments? I don't know, okay? They probably grabbed a bunch of his DNA and created you out of it."
“He is Wolverine.” She notes.
“Yeah.” I shrug and she takes the bowl out of my hand. "Hey!" I growl but she already turned around and walked off. With my food. Fucking family.


"What?" I look at her.
"You need to stop." She tells me and I wonder what she's talking about. There are many things I need to stop doing.
"Be specific."
"Julian." Is all she says and I start to growl.
"When he leaves you alone."
"No. Now."
"The fuck I will."
"The fuck you will. If you don't leave him the hell alone, I'll start start breaking Madelyne." She tells me and I'm impressed.
"Is that so?"
"Yes. You really need to relent, Victor."
"You have some nerve threatening..."
"I’ll do much worse if you continue threatening and hurting Julian as you have been." She growls at me and I start grinning. "What the fuck are you grinning about?" She asks.
"You used contractions." I tell her, feeling a little bit proud.
"I threaten Madelyne and that is all that you hear?" She frowns at me and I grin some more.
"I have to take my win any way I can get."
"Just stop hurting him." She tells me with a huff.
"Fine. Whatever. The little brat won't get hurt by me again." I tell her, but can't promise I won't tell Jimmy what the little punk is up too. I can scent his interests from a mile away when he's around my niece. Not to mention, I can scent hers too and I'm liking that even less. And then there's the fact he tattled on me. How else would she know that he has gotten a little damaged around me?
I walk off, in search of the punk for one last chat.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.

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