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06-13-2009, 03:25 AM
Bio Deletion [Post #1]
I understand we have the ability to retire bios to look back on for old time's sake (viewable only to the player and management, of course) as well as the ability to bring them back if we miss them and want to play them again.

I'm wondering if in the instance if we're 100 percent sure that we don't want to bring a char back and very likely not going to be going back to read them for whatever reason. Is there a means to delete bios? For one, it would certainly free up space, especially considering there are a few of us who actually have several. I have once asked to delete a bio because I know I'm not going to use it, but had been asked, instead, to just edit it to create a new char.

That was a bio that has never been approved, but there are also chars that have been played and have posts in the forum and it would look a little strange to edit them with a new char, only for someone to go back and check out old threads where the player was posting as a different char (since some threads, members can't delete posts and/or may not even have thought about that).
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06-13-2009, 03:37 AM
The option to delete bios exists only for the managers of the game. However, this does not delete the bio entirely, and it will still show up in your biography control panel, and still exist within the hack. In sense, from what I understand, is that that character simply won't be apart of the hack for that specific game.

Managers in most games ask that you edit old, retired bios with few to no posts because it keeps things more streamlined, both for you and for the management. Odds are, they will simply say no to deletion. And I highly doubt the option will become available for members to delete bios.

Besides, depending on the game, some threads and posts simply don't stick around that long - as in the case of WWD. In other games, players (especially new ones) rarely get the whim to read through threads and posts more than a few months old. The only game I know that is an exception to this is TS. But that is the nature of TS more than anything else.

If in doubt, just make an entirely new bio.
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06-28-2010, 07:13 PM
but what if you did make new bios that aren;t being played right now nor have ever but you would like them removed form the bio page that player sees is that possible?
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07-08-2010, 02:59 PM
I'm not sure if it is Susan, though I wouldn't mind seeing that happen. I know there's old ADA bio's around that have the old Archetype profile fields and such. Also I know I have a few biographies I'd like to see removed from my list.
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07-08-2010, 04:47 PM
At this point in time we can not delete bio's permanently from the database and I doubt that option will ever come to life in the near future.

So for now I suggest just ignore it because you are the only ones who can see your retired characters. They don't show up in your profile page
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