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[In-Character] [Post #11]
Julian had his ass parked in one of the lounge chairs in the room they used for viewing home movies. Like their own private cinema. He was sitting in the back, observing Laura and Beth who were discussing the movie currently playing. He found himself often in her vicinity, and he always got distracted staring at her. He was certain she knew he was there, afterall sneaking up on her was virtually impossible. Her senses refined, her mutation enhancing them. It usually caused an interesting reaction when she picked up on him. His senses weren't that refined though, so when he felt a hand wrap around his shoulder he winced in pain.

"What have I told you about leaving my niece alone?" A voice whispered in his ear, low enough that he was sure Laura wouldn't pick up on over the sound of the movie. Victor dragged him up from the chair, Julian gritted his teeth as he got pulled out of the room.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Julian hissed at Victor.
"My problem is you." Victor pushed him against the wall and growled.
"She's an adult, she can tell me to fuck off herself if she likes." Julian used his TK to shove Victor out of the way. But he was back in Julian's face within seconds, snarling.
"If I so much as smell you on her..."
"... You're not her fucking father. Now back off, asshole." Julian pushed again, Victor snarled in rage and lifted his fist. He slammed forward but put his fist through the wall instead of Julian's face.
"Next time I will hit your face." Victor growled before stalking off.


He couldn't help himself, after all the warnings from Victor, he was not staying away from Laura. He just couldn't. She woke something up inside of him, something he thought he wouldn't ever have. Last night he had stolen a kiss from her, she had looked beautiful with her lips swollen from it. She had gladly participated in it, but even though he was a grown man and she a grown woman, Victor's words had still crept through and had made him stop with just a kiss.

Yet now he wanted more. He couldn't stop thinking of her and the way her lips had molded against his just perfectly. Julian rounded the corner, deep in thought and the next thing he knew pain spread through his jaw and he found himself on the floor.

"I fucking warned you." Victor was in his face, pulling him up from the ground and shoving him yet again, against a wall. Another fist to his face, and another, and another until Julian got with the program and used his TK to stop the next hit from connecting.

He could taste the blood in his mouth, pushing Victor completely away so he could wipe away the blood from his face. That hurt like a bitch. "You broke my fucking nose, asshole."

"You kissed my niece, asshole" Victor replied back.
"It's none of your fucking business!" Julian snarled at the man.
"Stay the fuck away from her!" Victor stalked away in anger. Leaving Julian with a broken face.

"You should let Kira check that out." Kate Bishop stood next to him, frowning at his face and he just grunted. "Whatever, dude." She left him again and he just turned around and went indeed in search of Kira.


He couldn't stay away, not even the threat of broken limbs could warn him away from Laura. Julian liked her company, their conversations, and the way he could tease her until she blushed with innocence. She did that for him, just for him and he was craving for more. Even the kisses became longer, stolen away in dark hallways where nobody could see them. The way she trusted him completely, it was humbling. He knew she did not trust easily.

And then there was Victor. Her fucking uncle who thought he had a claim on whoever could talk to her.

Julian entered the sparring room and there he was, the asshole himself. Victor Creed. He was of a mind to just turn around and leave again but the man had already noticed him and once again, he found himself with a claw around his throat.

"Haven't I warned you enough?" Victor growled in his face.
"Haven't I told you to fuck off enough?" Julian replied.
"You must be enjoying these encounters between us then." Victor tossed him through the room, and he connected with the wall. He grunted in pain, falling to the floor.
"Asshole." Julian coughed in pain, standing up only to be slammed into the wall again when Victor connected with him. Once more he fell to the ground, only to be picked up and thrown to the floor with viciousness. He cried out in pain, feeling his left clavicle snap.

"Victor stop!" He couldn't place the voice for a second, the pain was too much in that moment to even retaliate. "Are you insane?" A shower of red waved in front of his eyes, and he couldn't even tell which one of the red-heads in residence had come to his rescue.
"He won't stay away from her!" Victor yelled at the red-head.
"They are adults, for crying out loud." She told him.
"I don't give a fuck."
"Yes, you do..."
"Whatever." Victor muttered, stalking off again.

The red-head showed up in his vision and it was Caitlin. Of course it was. He groaned in pain and he saw her wince. Right, empath.
"Can you get up?" She asked him.
"Yes." He hissed, using his TK to assist himself in getting up. He could even use it to make sure the broken bones wouldn't shift and cause him any more pain.
"He's jealous." Caitlin told him, walking next to him as they went in search of Kira.
"The fuck does that mean?" Julian looked at her, like that was supposed to make all those beatings alright.
"He's jealous of you. You got her out. He didn't." Caitlin looked at him and he frowned. "Do you know the story?" He shook his head at that. "They were captured together, endured a lot together. In a weird sort of way they bonded over that and he finally saw her as family. Something he never experienced in his long life." She told him. "Then they tried to escape, managed to free a lot of other mutants in the process but she sacrificed herself to set him free."
"She gave her life for him?" He asked, wincing as he tried to look at Caitlin.
"She did. He made it out, and she remained captive. He swore to get her out but you know how that turned out." She smiled at him.
"He's still being an asshole." Julian grunted.
"Yes, well, isn't that his middle name? Just give him time, or you know, talk to Laura about it."
"Talk to Laura about this?" He looked appalled. He wasn't going to talk to Laura about how her uncle was breaking his bones over the fact that he was kissing her.
"Typical male behaviour." Caitlin rolled her eyes. "Either talk to her, or suffer more broken bones. I won't be there all the time to stop him from murdering you."


Julian sat in the kitchen, staring at a plate of leftover pizza. He couldn't sleep, had woken up from a nightmare. The one where he had dreamt about them taking his hands again. It still shook him, even if he had a pair of new ones. They still didn't feel like his. So he had gotten up silently, leaving Laura in his bed asleep.

Lately she would just come into his room, crawl into bed with him and snuggle up against him. He knew that she, much like him, must be suffering from nightmares. And like her, he was taking comfort from their touch.

Yet, the one from tonight had left him awake and he didn't want to wake her up. So he had left for a midnight snack but staring at the pizza, he wasn't really hungry.

"You tattled on me." A rumbling voice startled him from his thoughts, he looked up. Great. Victor. He was already bracing himself but the brute of a man kept standing in the doorway. Crossing his arms in front of his chest and leaning against it. "Do you know what she did?"
Julian shrugged, he had no idea what Laura had done after he told her what her uncle had been doing to him. Maybe it was being a coward, but his trips to Kira were tiresome.
"She threatened Madelyne." Victor almost sounded proud over it. Julian was lost. Why would he approve of that?
"Did she now?" Julian asked, leaning back in the chair. Victor started moving towards the table and Julian waited.
"Told me to back off, not to hurt a single bone in your body." he started sniffing when he got closer. He frowned in confusion for a moment, then started grinning. But that grin wasn't really a nice one.
"Bit to late for that, don't you think?" Julian quirked a brow.
"You got healed, didn't you?" Victor returned the look. "My niece likes you. Enough to threaten the woman who matters the most to me." Victor leaned on the table, giving Julian his best glare. "If you hurt Laura in any way, I'll break you fucking neck." He snarled. "Understood?"
"Perfectly." Julian said, staring back at Victor. They kept that up for a moment before the latter straightened himself and started backing up.
"Even better, I'll just break what is left of you after she's done." Victor grinned, turned on his heels and walked out of the kitchen.

Julian just swallowed, relief settling within him. At least he didn't have to go find Kira this time around. He stood, putting the pizza back in the fridge and headed back to his room. To Laura.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #12]
WARNING: This post contains descriptions of non-consensual sex.

Eva sat in the corner of her cell, knees drawn up and her head resting against them. Her arms were wrapped loosely around her legs and she was thinking about better times. Her daughter, Doll, laughing when she tickled her. It was getting harder and harder to remember that laugh, to picture her face in her mind. It still ached that she couldn't return.

Not that she could now, not after being imprisoned for ten years and three months.

The door to her cell opened, casting dim light into the darkness. She knew better than to look up, figured it was one of the guards whose turn it was to have her this night. They had made a schedule, she knew this. Every two weeks it was her turn, for three nights, each night a different guard, and then two weeks nothing.

Eva was already in the process of shutting down her mind, and getting ready to fight. She would always fight even with her abilities shut down. Helpless, she was so goddamn helpless without them. Always ending up with bruises, or broken bones. She didn't care, she would not go down that easily. It was not in her nature to give up.

"Miss Bell." A male voice broke through the silence and it made her look up in surprise. It wasn't a guard who was paying her a visit. It was Steven Lang. "Not who you expected?" He stood in the doorway, looking down at her. "Get up." And his tone of voice made it clear to not go against his wishes.

Standing against the wall, he moved forward until he was standing in front of her. His cold, blue eyes gazed down at her and she felt like a deer caught in headlights. What did he want from her? Had he finally decided to take his turn with her? After all these years, he hadn't shown any kind of interest in her beyond what she could do with her abilities.

He hadn't stopped the guards either, and she didn't believe for one second that he did not know what his personnel was up to.

"I have a mission for you." He finally said, his hand came up brushing away a strand of hair from her face. His touch brought shivers, cold fear to the pit of her stomach.
"What kind of mission?" She asked on a whisper.
"Retrieval and infiltration."
"What's in it for me?" She blurted out, her eyes darting up to his face and back down to his chest.
"My, my so you haven't lost your spirit." His hand snuck to the back of her head, gripping her hair tightly in his hand and pulled her towards him. He yanked her head in such an angle that her own hand came up to try and get free. "You think you're in a position to bargain?" He hissed at her.
"It can't get any worse." She said through gritted teeth.
"I can shorten the rotation..." He had his lips next to her ear, whispering in it. She shuddered, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He did know. The asshole.
"You wouldn't." She breathed out.
"My dear, Eva, you have no idea what I would and wouldn't do." He pulled her head back again, looked into her eyes and the coldness that he showed her made her wish she hadn't spoken up. He pulled on her hair, his grip tightened and she tried her best not to make a sound in pain. She would not give him that satisfaction. Just like she didn't give the guards that satisfaction when they took her body against her will.
"The mission..." She hissed out.
"You're going to collect Nathan Coleman for me." He told her, his eyes glittering with an interest she tried to ignore. The name, it didn't mean anything to her. Just another person to be collected, to be subjected to their torture.
"You're going to get close to him."
"You'll understand soon." He leaned forward, his face close to her neck and she could feel him breathing her in. "I can understand the appeal..." He whispered against her skin and chills ran down her body, she knew what was coming. Could feel it in the way he angled himself and Eva did what she always did when this happened.

She fought. She knew it was futile, but she would not let them have her so easily. It didn't matter if she ended up bloodied and bruised. She would go down fighting. She pushed, shoved and tried to scratch his face but he shoved her forcefully against the wall. Face first, hard enough to daze her.

"I like it when they fight, Eva." He pressed his body against hers, she started struggling again but it didn't help. He was stronger. She still pushed, he knocked her face against the wall once more. Dark spots appeared in front of her eyes, she was losing consciousness. She blinked with her eyes, her pants were gone in the next.

She moved, trying to push away but he hit her head again.

Eva groaned in pain. More lost time, her body moved against the wall. Feeling him inside her. Thrusting. Her fingers dug into the concrete of the wall, nails breaking. His rapid breath in her neck, panting in her ear the next moment. Her head hurt, pressed firmly against the wall. Her eyes closed shut. Eva didn't want to see his face. She kept on struggling, fighting against the intrusion, her vision darkened again, and then then he was gone.

She had lost more time during that last blackout, and she was on the floor in a heap. Her eyes tried to focus on the leaving figure who stopped in the doorway speaking to someone just out of her range of vision, and then, Steven looked back at her with a smirk on his face.

"I'll take you out of rotation if you're successful with your mission."

The door closed with a bang, putting her back in darkness.

For ten years and three months, she hadn't cried. Hadn't made a peep when the guards had taken their turn with her but now now Eva cried, screamed in rage at the closed door for being violated against her will.

Her body hurt, nails were chipped away and her head was throbbing in pain.

She wanted out of this place.

And Eva was going to use that mission to make it happen.

And Nathan Coleman was going to help her.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #13]
Eva stared at herself in the mirror, the face that was staring back at her wasn't her own. She was looking at the reflection of one Carol Danvers. They had given her a very thick folder. She had read the file within, had been instructed to go over it, memorise it. She had been shown videos, and listened to the woman speak. Eva did not understand why Lang was going to so much trouble for just one man.

But she knew better than to question him to his face. Her wrists were still hurting from the last time she had done so. He had tested her, questioned her and when she had failed he had punished her.

Her mind locked up, refusing to let that memory surface. After that punishment she had read that file over and over until she was sure she remembered it all. Especially the details of the relationship that woman used to have with Nathan Coleman.

The man Eva had to convince that she was Carol. His ex-girlfriend.

She didn't want to do this, didn't want to add more misery to his imprisonment. It was already bad that she had been the one who made that happen. After she had slowed down time, frozen everybody in time, they had swooped in and picked him up. It had earned her a free pass from guards visiting her cell. Just as he promised, and she felt really miserable over it.

And now came the second part of what he wanted her to do. Become Carol.

"If I didn't know it was you..." Steven spoke up behind her, he had entered the room without her knowing and fear crawled over her skin. She hated how he made her feel.
"I don't want to do this." She said, her voice barely audible. Looking up, he was standing behind her and because she looked like Carol she had lost her own height, and he was looming over her.
"You're forgetting your position here." He glared at her in the mirror and she found it hard to look away when he demanded her attention.
"I'm not. I..." She suddenly found herself turned around, hand around her throat and lifted up from the floor flat against the wall. She heard the mirror crack when the back of her head connected with it. His hand gripped tighter around her and she clawed at it with both hands to get air back in.
"You need to remember who is the boss here, Eva-girl." Letting her drop back to the floor she breathed in deeply. She hated that nickname he had given her, and coughed until she was certain she wasn't choking anymore. "You will do this or you'll get visits at night none stop for the next two weeks."
She looked up at him, anger in her eyes and all he did was laugh. Was it because she fought back that he had picked her for this? Was this his attempt to break her?

"Get up. You at least have that in common with the woman you're pretending to be." His look changed to disgust and an anger that it made Eva fear for her life.
"What's that?" She croaked, her throat raw.
"Spirit." His fingers, trailed over the reddened skin around her neck. Eva wanted to back away from his touch, not liking the sudden change of his mood. "Did you read the addition to the file I gave you?" He asked, his hand now leaning next to her head against the wall.

"I did. Convince Coleman that Barnes was playing her the whole time." Eva felt fingers picking up a strand of her hair and she tried to ignore the shiver of revulsion running through her.

"You're Carol, tell it like her." He murmured and Eva swallowed deeply.

"Nate, he played me. They programmed him to have feelings for me, to make me fall in love with him. It was all fake." Her voice sounded pained, like a woman betrayed. "O, god I left you for him. I've been so stupid!" Eva's voice trembled this time, actually trying to conjure the right emotions. "I should have listened to you." She let her voice break.

"Very good, Eva-girl." Steven tugged at her hair, made her look up at him and when he tried to lean in she turned her head away. His lips stopped short at her ear, nipping at the lobe and making her body shudder. "Very convincing."

"He won't believe me. He's in love with her, he will know it's not me." She breathed out, closing her eyes and trying to forget his proximity.

"Don't worry about that. You just play your part." He stepped back, making her release her breath in relief. She flexed her fingers, unclenching from fists. She had been ready to fight him off, her body still tense.

"You really hate her, don't you?" Eva looked at him, saw his jaw move as he bit down in anger. Her fists returned, ready for attack.

"Play your part, Eva." He just said before turning around and leaving her behind.

Her legs gave out, sliding to the floor and silently cursing Steven Lang for ruining a good man's life.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #14]
"We shouldn't be able to cause this much damage to him, sir." A small brunette, with glasses on her nose and a tablet in hand was staring at the male currently tied to an examination table. "We have his full power scope right here, and enhanced durability should be one of them." She started tapping away on her tablet and the tall dark haired man stepped forward to stare down at the man on the table.

"Care to enlighten us, Mister Richards?" A pair of cold, blue eyes roamed over the battered and bruised face of one Franklin Richards.

"I really don't see the point in giving you any information." Benji replied, not really feeling the sharing mood right now. "Your hospitality sucks ass." He carried on, and regretting it the moment he said it when a batton came crashing down on his abdomen. He grunted, lifting himself as much up from the table as the restraints let him.

"You are sure the inhibitor is working correctly?" Steven turned to look at the girl and she nodded. "Yes, we programmed it so it would allow for certain traits to still be active. It should be there." She tapped away furiously on the tablet again and she was frowning. "It doesn't make sense, sir. If I'm reading this right, only a third of his abilities are active without the inhibitor." Her frown got deeper, her fingers flying over the screen.

"What have you been up to?" Steven looked back at Benji who was breathing harshly after meeting that baseball bat. "Do we have a telepath here?" He asked.

"We do." The girl answered. "Get her in here." Steven stepped back. Pondering what to do with this omega level mutant that wasn't quite omega anymore. Well not ability wise, but his genes wouldn't be altered. Steven could still use him for other things. Because Richards was quite different from all other specimens that he had currently locked up. Child of parents who got their abilities due to radiation poisoning.

The door opened, a meek looking girl, dressed in tatters stepped inside. Her head lowered, staring at the ground as she came to stand next to Steven. Dark hair fell in front of her face and she waited patiently to be told what to do.

"Alicia, be a good girl and read this man's mind for me. Find out what he has done to his powers." Steven stroked the girls head.

"You're making a kid do you dirty work?" Benji growled angrily, looking at the little girl who hadn't even so much as paid attention to him or anyone else. "I knew you guys were insane but this is just psychotically nuts! Assholes!" He strained, wanting to rip the binds away but he was powerless, couldn't do a damn thing.

A small hand grabbed his, cold to the touch and as he looked down at her face, she finally lifted her head. Light blue eyes caught him, lighting up and holding his gaze. He couldn't look away, and then he started screaming. Her probing wasn't gentle, a vice around his brain and she tugged so hard. Pushed deeply, ripping him open for her to see it all. To see everything that he had done to himself to make sure that he wouldn't end up on a table like this. It hurt so badly, nobody had told her how to be gentle, how to go about this differently. She had this raw power and used it to stab him mentally, over and over until he felt broken. Violated.

"Psi-blocks." the little girl whispered, letting go of Benji's hand.

"Can you remove them?" Steven asked her and she shook her head. "I'll break him if I do." She told him. "Shame." But Steven was thinking about it, wondering if he actually needed Richards with his mind intact. "Thank you, Alicia. You can go now." The girl dropped her head again before walking away from them.

"Well, mister Richards. You gave me quite the conundrum to solve." Steven stared down at Benji, who felt tears stream down his face because his brain was still feeling like it had been stabbed multiple times with a knife.

"Bring him back to his cell. It's time for Bishop to get her second round of shots."

"You leave her alone, asshole!" Benji started thrashing against his bonds but Steven just looked at him with those cold, dead eyes. One of the guards stepped up, lifted a baton and hit Benji over the head. Knocking him out cold.

"What about Coleman?" The girl with the tablet asked.

"She's next. Bishop's results are promising. So I suspect Coleman will survive the next round too." Steven turned away from Benji, leaving the room.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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Two Peas in a Pot [Jenna / Bucky]

Jenna had her problems staying at the theatre. For so many reasons, she was growing tired of counting her way through them. And yet, tonight she had come here voluntarily - and also because the gut feeling she had had been impossible to ignore.

Her mind kept wandering back to the conversation with Benji.

的 know you have that power, darling, he said as she had once more tried to run him through why she was here.
典hen why are you making this difficult? Patience was certainly not Jenna Coleman痴 strong suit.
釘ecause I don稚 get it how can you be half-way across town and have a gut feeling about someone here.
Jenna huffed out a breath. It was not just someone here. It was Carol.

Jenna had walked into the amphitheatre, finding Benji along with Sam and Kate. Seeing them had been so weird, especially latter. Jenna knew she had more with that girl in common than with Benji or her brother - but speaking to either of them had just been so weird. So she had dragged Benji away demanding what it was that was going to happen the next day.

His reaction had been enough to give away that indeed something was going to happen. Benji just did not want to share it.

And Jenna knew why. Generally the only reason someone reacted towards her in that fashion was when her brother痴 ex was involved. Everyone apparently knew that the new girl had issues with the blond haired Kree lady. Well, d置h, Jenna wanted to say every time but she was working on behaving herself.

釘enji, I know it痴 about Carol - and the both of us know I wouldn稚 be here if it weren稚 for that damned alarm in my head not letting me sleep last night.
典hat bad?
添eah I can稚 tell you specifics yet, I知 still figuring this whole thing out, but I know something is up. She looked at him, hoping he would just give her the benefit of the doubt. Would he not know that she would not make this up? Not when he was the first person she was coming to? 鄭nd it痴 tomorrow! And I知 going to explode if you don稚 start listening to me and then, Benji RIchards, I値l get to tell you I told you so - she said this in a sing song voice - 澱ut I don稚 want to cuz both of us will have something to regret. And I don稚 even like Carol. I know! She drew out the last word of that sentence. 釘ut it doesn稚 mean I want to see her hurt, or worse!

Then something had occurred to Jenna. She threw Benji a glance, and counted the weeks since just Carol had disappeared. 鉄he痴 getting a check up, isn稚 she? While Jenna did not have the specifics, she could count past six. Carol was far enough along to get an ultrasound.

Benji growled. 添ou値l have to talk to her.
鄭s the mountain ever really came to the prophet. That痴 just a damned saying.
添ou could try Bucky.
添eah, Barnes.

Jenna had pulled a deep breath into her lungs. If this did not show him that she was serious, then Jenna had no idea what would. 溺ake it happen, she told him. 的値l be in my favourite place, she had added before turning around to grab herself a beer and make her way up to the rooftop.

So here she was, once more sitting on the small roof terrace, a beer in hand. Jenna kept going over the question why she had even come here. Benji had hardly believed her. Why would a former serial killer? Or the woman to whom she had often been an outright bitch? Well, Carol had deserved latter. Jenna would stand by that. And yet, even Jenna Coleman was no monster. There was an unborn child involved here.

And of course she did not want to see Carol harmed.

Maybe slapped around a little, all in good fun. But not...

Behind her, she heard footsteps. Jenna turned her head and lifted her bottle of beer to her lips. She took a small swig and waited for what she hoped was the man usually sporting black and the red star on his metal arm. Her stomach curled into a tight little know. Another one she was no fan of. Then again, who in their right mind was?

釘arnes, she said.
笛enna Coleman, he responded and she was surprised how calm and quiet his voice was. Jenna wasn稚 quite sure what she had expected here.

的 wonder whether I should insist on Detective Coleman for you. She said, letting her words sound a little rough around the edges for good measure.
This made Bucky draw up an eyebrow. 的致e been under the impression that you wanted to talk to me.
No accusation, just stating a fact.

Jenna sighed, and nodded. 鉄o Benji told you?
鉄ort of. Bucky responded.
鉄o I have this thing I can do. I get gut feelings about what will happen. Have been getting them like all my life. It痴 why I知 still alive today. She shrugged, not quite comfortable telling anyone about this. So far, only Benji had heard the story. Not even Nathan knew.
徹k, Bucky said, nodding. He sat across from where she leaned against one of the flower beds they had installed up here.

典hen I got the serum.
This gave him pause. Bucky looked at her, suddenly with a sense of scrutiny that had not been there before. The serum?
Jenna nodded.
展hat can you do? he asked.
鉄uper strength, to an extent I don稚 know. Agility, endurance, stamina yadda yadda yadda. Healing factor. Quite efficient. Bone heals in a matter of hours. They had tested that, it was the only somewhat solid figure she had. 典he whole shebang just no speed, and no metal arm. Her gaze dropped to his left.
鉄ounds familiar.
鄭nd then I can do this thing
Now she did have his undivided attention.
的 know danger. And it used to be diffuse and just hit me right before something happened. I stepped out of the line of fire more than once
鄭nd now it痴 no longer diffuse?
哲ope. It痴 like I知 hardwired into a kind of radar. If I focus, if it痴 big I can see it coming from a mile away.
鄭nd you see something coming.
的 do.
展hat is it?

Jenna sucked air in, wondering whether Barnes would me more forthcoming with the details than Benji. 典omorrow. You have a thing. Ultrasound?
Bucky痴 face did not move, not even his eyes blinked out of sequence.
Jenna smiled. 添ou池e good.
泥on稚 fish for my answers. Give me the story and I値l tell you what I think of it.

典here痴 not much of a story. You池e going somewhere tomorrow. No she is. Carol is. She痴 going and then she goes away.
的t痴 like she痴 gone from my radar? For lack of a better word. 鄭nd just thinking about it, makes me nervous. Like really. Uncomfortably nervous.
鄭nd you池e sure?
的壇 bet my fuckin right hand on it. As if to drive her point home, she lifted her beer to her lips with that same right hand. Then something occurred to her. 鄭re you ambidextrous?

的 am, Bucky responded.
滴uh were you before?
鼎ertainly not.

鉄o what about tomorrow? Jenna said, pushing the topic back to why he was even here.
添ou池e gonna come with.
典o where. So, for fuck痴 sake, Jenna threw one arm up into the air, the other one holding the bottle. She was getting tired of this. 的 don稚 like your girlfriend. It痴 not that I want her dead. Hell, my brother the idiot wouldn稚 want her dead. I just want her out of his life and it suits the both of us just fine
Bucky took a moment to let that all sink in. 徹k, you池e being magnanimous.
的 so fuckin am.
展e have an appointment just before noon, at the clinic.
典he clinic! Jenna felt like she had the jackpot. 典hat痴 where it happens. They池e gonna be there. And they値l be waiting.
鄭re you sure?
的s that arm of yours metal? Rhetorical.

Bucky just nodded. 鉄o they池e coming for us.

鏑et me come along. I can canvas the place. Benji is there to get Carol out. And I could try how many ways I can beat those idiots to kingdom come now.

Bucky gazed at Jenna for the longest time. 的t bugs you.
展hat does, she prompted him.
添ou want to know what you can do.
泥oes that surprise you? She chuckled mildly asking this.
添ou値l come along tomorrow.
展hat will Carol say?
的値l take care of that, he told her. 添ou just make sure she gets back here.

鉄o when that痴 done what then? Jenna asked.
添ou値l try out your skills, and I値l be there to help you with it.

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[In-Character] [Post #16]
One-Woman Job

Now. 911. Benji, if you can hear this it痴 a 911.

Jenna had taken up position in the small room with the door rammed shut with the last bit of strength she had had.
Her right arm was all but useless. The exoskeleton on it was shot and she had no feeling beyond blinding pain in it. Jenna knew that if she were to take the metal brace off, she would probably find bone exposed.
Her chest was sore broken ribs. And she had two bullet wounds in her upper left thigh. The taste of blood was strong in her mouth.

She could hear the explosives hammering away at the door.


A small whimper rose from her chest. She had bitten off more than she could chew.

And then the fabric of reality tore open in front of her. Jenna blinked, trying to focus and see what it was that happened in front of her.

Her left hand still held the firearm and she tried to lift it, but instantly let it sink back down.
釘enji, she breathed as his broad and so familiar frame came into focus.
笛enna, he pushed out as he came forward to kneel next to her form.
展e need to leave.

Jenna was surprised at the number of people pushing through behind him. Was that Sam? Bucky? And there were more, but she only saw Benji in front of her.
His hand grabbed hers, taking the gun out of her hand and then pulling her against him. 典hat was a stupid idea, he chastised her but something about his voice sounded almost shaky. Afraid? She couldn稚 look that bad, could she?
Her chest hurt badly.
Well maybe

添ou should see the other guy she said, then the plasma blasts fired against the door of the small room again and Jenna flinched. 展e need to leave.

Benji lifted her into his arms and Jenna closed her eyes.
Relief was what she felt when Benji took her back to the theatre. For once she was glad to be back at the place. Now once, her healing factor had taken care of her injuries, she would present what she had found. In-depth information on Lang痴 security detail and measures securing his penthouse.

Jenna already had an idea or two how the right people could make a move on the man just at the right time.

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[In-Character] [Post #17]

Jenna paused, lifting her left arm and turning the underside of her lower arm up. Fingers of her left hand flew across the small buttons that regulated the technology of the exoskeleton sleeve for her arm.

展hat are you doing? Bucky shouted at her from across the chasm between the two rooftops.
摘nergy flow is not steady, she murmured, raising her left arm in a gesture meant to tell him that he ought to give her a moment.
笛ump! What do you need your arms for, Jen?
She rolled her eyes. Why couldn稚 everyone just stop being a bloody specialist?

Switching to the other arm, Jen went backwards slowly, putting herself opposite of the edge she wanted to jump from. Then she pushed ahead, legs pumping. She leaped upward about half way across her roof. She could see Bucky痴 surprise, then she focussed on the ledge on his side.

He shouted something at her, as she sailed directly towards the edge. She was curious whether she had aimed right if not, her landing would be interesting at best. Reaching up both arms, her lower arms hit the ledge and she grunted from the pit of her stomach. The skeleton sleeves whirred to life as she pulled herself up. Bucky was coming towards.

泥on稚 touch me, she bit at him as she pulled herself onto the rooftop.
展hat the fuck was that? he exclaimed, watching as she pulled herself over the ledge and towards him. Then she stood, dusting herself off.

展hat?! I almost doubled the reach, she told him, not seeing a problem with her manoeuvre.
釘ut why aim for the ledge?
鼎uz I need to learn to aim better, and then use these babies, she lifted her arms, pushing them forwards as if to point out the sleeves she was wearing, 妬f I am missing a few inches.
典hat would have been a fifty foot drop had you missed it!
的 know, she offered him a smile. Then that smile faded. 展hat?
典hat was reckless!

She growled. 的 swear you guys are killing me cramping my fuckin style.
哲o, Jenna that痴 your life. Bucky did not raise his voice but it grew somewhat more intense.

Jenna just looked at him, then exhaled with a huff. 的 thought danger is part of the job description now.
泥anger, yes, Bucky responded. 哲ot trying to get yourself killed.
的 heard you the first time, Barnes. She threw back, but her face said something else. Jenna was on a different page here. If she were to figure out what she could do, she would have to push the limits. Bucky was barely making progress with her fast enough. She wanted more, and she wanted it faster. Especially after she had gotten a beating at Lang痴 penthouse.

The memory of that day still stung on so many damned levels.

泥id you, Jenna? He crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking at her with one of his quiet stares.
Jenna worked hard not to roll her eyes. She liked Bucky. He was oddly normal considering where her life had taken her to in the past months. And she enjoyed the training with him. So alienating him was definitely not something she wanted to do. Still, being told off and then being told what to do and not to do left and right was beginning to grate on her nerves.

添es, I heard you. You all know better. You致e all got the best intentions, and want to help me and help me learn and shit. I heard it, Barnes. I heard it.
鄭nd yet you went off half-cocked with no backup to break into Lang痴 penthouse?
Jenna closed her eyes for a moment. 釘enji talk to you?
釘enji and about half a dozen other people at the theatre.

Jenna had to admit that the state she had returned in that date had warranted concern and she had heard all about it. 鄭lright, so you have a gang of people agreeing with you that I知 reckless. I gave you good intel, she threw back, raising her arms at her side in a half-shrug, half making a point. 鄭nd I heal.
釘ut it痴 not like you can稚 be killed! Bucky fired back, not missing a beat. 滴aving a healing factor doesn稚 mean you can稚 be killed. It just means your body puts itself back together faster. They put two bullets into your leg. You know how tricky it is to put two bullets into my leg? Someone got the better on you! You had two broken ribs, coughing up blood managing that with a super like you takes considerable effort. And you池e running around like it痴 nothing.
的 survived.
添ou sound like Benji, she ground out.
釘ecause he was right, Jenna.

鉄o? she threw back, realising she could not shake Bucky on this topic. 鉄o what?! It痴 not like I asked for any of this shit!
Bucky said nothing.
典his is fucked up. I was a Marine, a cop. I knew what the fuck I was doing. And now? Now I知 this. She threw her arms wide as if to indicate the exoskeleton that covered her arms. 鄭 freak. And I don稚 have a family anymore cuz my brother has other things on his mind than to check on me. He痴 doing it again, you know? I just seem to be unable to have a normal relationship. With anyone I mean, I can hit a can of beer with a sniper rifle at 800 yards but I can稚 convince a guy to stick around. She huffed. 的f I pick one that痴 available that is.

笛enna, he tried.
哲o, Bucky. Fuck, no! And I feel like I知 a bloody newbie all over again. Still wet behind the ears. I go in to do something that痴 worth while to get us ahead in taking that son of a bitch down and I come back fuckin half-dead. What痴 this super shit even good for? What if I still end up bleeding and broken on the damned floor?!
的t takes time.
釘ut I don稚 want time. I want my old life back! she was shouting now. 的 want my life. I want to go back to work. I want to be able to go out to a movie or for friggin tacos without having to duck into the next ally whenever a black van rounds the corner. She pushed her hands into her sides and turned around. 釘ut I can稚. I can稚 do that while he痴 alive and none of you are fucking doing anything. She spun back around, pointing a finger at Bucky痴 chest. 哲ot even you, and he痴 after your unborn child!
鼎areful, he warned her.
展hy maybe if I shake you hard enough you池e going to get a move on.
添ou池e lashing out.
擢uck right, I am! Because no one else is moving a fuckin muscle. Her eyes were on fire, and she turned, her braid flying, as she swung her fist and knocked an antenna clean off of its designated place next to her on this roof. The metal went flying.

的知 not one of you! My parents weren稚 this. Again, raising her lower arms. 溺y brother and I were baseline. My best buddy or boyfriend wasn稚 this. I never knew a single X-Men or super. I didn稚 go to that school.
Bucky waited her out patiently.
鄭nd I never wanted to. So, excuse me for being fuckin impatient while I知 trying to make something of this. Cuz the quicker we finish this, the faster I can go back to my life and not sit in a damned prison - because that theatre is barely more - and wait for some break in the case. I make my own cases, Bucky Barnes. I make my own fuckin cases and if it痴 not going fast enough I値l do something about it.

鄭re you done?
擢uck no, she threw back as she turned and stalked off towards the edge of the building she had just jumped from. Three steps, and she leaped. The curve she described in mid-air was perfect and she landed in a slight jog. Jenna turned around, offering Bucky a shrug across the distance. Then she turned back, and continued into the direction that would lead her away from the theatre.

Bucky did not try to stop her. Instead, he fished out his phone and pulled up Benji痴 number.

[Keep an eye on Jenna? But don稚 let her know.]

He hit sent as he turned towards the rooftop痴 exit. Training for the day was apparently over.

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[In-Character] [Post #18]
"Why are you sitting here alone?" Caitlin walked into the kitchen and stared at Carol, who was shoveling ice cream into her mouth.
"Because I told Bucky I was going to get us something to eat."
"That doesn't really explain why you're sitting here alone."
"I was going to get us food. Then this craving for ice cream flared up and I couldn't wait any longer." Carol smiled at her sheepishly and Cait just snorted. Walked towards a cupboard and started to rummage around until she pulled out a plastic container from the back. She walked towards the table, placed the container on top of it and it made Carol frown.

"What's in there?" She asked curiously, licking her spoon clean.
"My secret stash." Caitlin grinned, opening the lid and shifting the container a little so Carol could look inside. She started laughing at the sight of copious amounts of different kinds of chocolate. Normal chocolate bars, chocolate candy bars, chocolate candies Just lots of chocolate.

"You need a secret stash?"
"Have you met my husband? My children?" Caitlin quirked a brow. And Carol started to laugh and stuck another spoonful of ice in her mouth. "You'll get to that point too, hiding food from Bucky." Caitlin had picked up on the sweet tooth of Carol's boyfriend and Carol just grinned.
"Doubt it, so far this has been the only craving I had in the past weeks." Since everything else had been coming right out.
"Right. Well you're not in your second trimester yet." Cait told her amused.

Carol looked at her friends midsection and wondered when she would start showing. Cait who saw her watching, pulled her shirt tight and there was a small bump noticeable.

"She's there. Not visible enough, but there." Cait gave a wink. "I'm sure I'll look like a whale by the end."
"Neh, you'll look beautiful. I'm sure."
"You're just saying that because you'll end up the same." Cait grinned. "And are now hoping I'll return the compliments when you want them too."
"Maybe." Carol said trying to be serious, but failing as another grin broke through.

"What flavour are you currently shoveling away?"
"I do not shovel." She sounded appalled but slowed down anyway. "Rocky Road with a caramel twist."
"Oh good one." Cait sat down and fished one of the bars out of the container. It was a snickers, and Carol felt very sad all of a sudden. Caitlin picked up on it and looked at her. "What's wrong?"

"Carol, I know you know I'm an empath. Spill."
"You're eating a snickers."
"Yes?" Caitlin sounded confused.
"He used to call me that." Carol stuck the spoon in the pint and sat back in her chair. Today had been hard on so many levels. Especially talking to Nate, but not able to talk at all. Not like they used to.
"Nathan did?"
"Yeah, and I know it's silly because I'm the one who broke things off and not in such a nice way but I miss him?" Carol looked at Caitlin. "Miss talking to him mostly. I could tell him everything and now..." She shrugged, not sure how to explain this right.
"Now you can't."
"No. Some topics are off limit. And I get that. I mean however you spin it, I still cheated on him with Bucky." Carol felt a sudden bout of guilt flare and heard Caitlin sigh.
"You did cheat on him." Cait agreed and Carol looked a bit sheepish. "No, you did. There's no rose colouring that. The circumstances weren't your fault and I get that you want to explain that to him, but he's not ready to hear that story."
"I never meant to hurt him like that."
"I know that, honey. Just because you feel comfortable enough to tell him these things, about you and Bucky, doesn't mean he is too. He loves you, and is working to get over you and that takes time. And in time he might be able to hear your stories about Bucky. And maybe he never will. And that's something you'll just have to accept."

Carol looked thoughtful, going over what Caitlin told her and knowing that her friend was right. Again. She picked up her spoon again, full of ice, and stuck it in her mouth. She watched Cait open up the snickers bar and taking a bite from it.

"Do I even want to know how you got that nickname?" She asked after she finished chewing and then swallowed.

Carol just smirked, stood up and made her way to the fridge where she took another pint of ice cream out of the freezer compartment and picked up another spoon and collected her own carton and spoon from the table.

"I don't kiss and tell." She walked around the table, and planted a kiss on Cait's cheek. Then grabbed inside the container and got two bars of milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it.

"Hey! This is my secret stash!" Cait tried to swat her hand away but Carol just smirked and dashed out of the way.
"And the start of mine." Laughing she started to walk away. "Thanks, again."
"Yeah, yeah. Next one, I expect payment." Cait grumbled but Carol could hear the smile in it as she walked out of the kitchen, back to her room. Back to Bucky.
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #19]
Carol was deep in thought when she rounded the doorway and stepped inside the medical lab. It was time for her daily medication, and for once she was early. She stopped in her tracks when not Cait greeted her but another woman was sitting on one of the beds.

She looked up when Carol entered and her eyes widened slightly in surprise and then pain, before averting her gaze.

That stung. Just a little.

摘va, right? Carol asked, not one to give up and figure out what was bothering this woman.
的'm Carol.
的 know who you are. it sounded a bit snappy and Carol let out a sigh. Right, another person who joined the 選 don't like Carol club. She and Jenna should make matching shirts. Her mood instantly shot, she turned around to leave.

哲o. Don't go. Eva spoke up regretfully, and Carol turned back to see the same regret on the woman's face. 的'm sorry for snapping. she sounded sincere. 添ou Surprised me. Eva went on.
的 think I did more than surprise you. Carol looked at her in question.
擢or a moment I was back in my cell staring in the mirror, not seeing myself but your face. Eva told her and Carol winced.
的'm sorry. I should just go then. The last thing she wanted to do was cause that woman more pain.
哲o, no. It's fine. I know I don't look like you anymore. Eva gave her a smile, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

的'm sorry you got caught in his horrible scheme. Carol stuck her hands in her back pockets of her jeans.
溺e too, but then I wouldn't have met Nathan or be free right now. Eva gave her another smile.

Carol looked at the other woman, and didn't know what to say. 添ou care about him. she decided on.
的 do. Hard not to if you've been stuck in a cell for a couple of weeks.
鄭h yeah, I know what they gave him Did they make you? Carol stopped that question, feeling highly uncomfortable even asking this.
哲ot sure I should talk to you about that all things considered." Eva looked at her just as uncomfortable as Carol was feeling.
"I understand." Silence fell between them and Carol wasn't sure if she should go or stay.

"Carol..." Eva spoke up softly, and Carol looked at her in question. "They made me study you, gave me an extensive file about who you are, your connections, what they did to you and James Barnes."
"Bucky. His name is Bucky." Carol corrected her, moving to sit across from Eva on another bed, deciding to stay for now. "So you know everything about me?"
"Only what the Services could discover about you. They made me watch security videos where I could hear you speak, learn your mannerisms." Eva told her but there was this look in her eyes that told Carol that there was more, that she had seen far more than just security videos. And then it dawned on her
"You saw?" So there was a video of that?
"Yes." She whispered the word, and another sort of pain flashed onto Eva's face and Carol recognised that pain. Had seen it on her own face in the mirror after she remembered what had happened to her.
"He did worse to you, didn't he?" Carol softly said, not moving a muscle, but looking at Eva who now averted her gaze.
"I'm so, so, sorry." Carol breathed out.
"It's not your fault he has a deranged mind. That he's a sexual predator." Eva snapped her head back up to look at Carol with a heated gaze. "I've learned to deal with these things."

Carol looked at the woman sitting in front of her, and came to the conclusion that Steven Lang wasn't the first in that place to have laid his hands on Eva. And something must have shown on Carol her face.

"Don't you dare feel pity for me. They didn't break me, I always fought back. Always." Eva said heatedly and Carol held up her hands in defense.
"You showed spirit." She surmised.
"It's why he picked you for this, wasn't it?"
"I believe so, yes." Eva gave a single nod.

And Steven was all about breaking people, and if Eva had been resisting whatever they were putting her through for all these years then she had been the perfect candidate. Two birds, one stone kind of thing.

"Nate does he know?"
"He knows enough." Eva said, leaving it at that.

Carol looked at her, knew that talking about Nate with Eva was all kinds of awkward and she was certain that the man in question wouldn't like it if she pushed Eva. Sighing, she rubbed her face and felt tired all of a sudden.

"You can't talk to me about this." Carol expressed her thoughts and looked at Eva.
"About what happened with Nathan, no." Eva tried for a smile. "You wouldn't like to be discussed either if the roles were reversed."

Carol thought about Bucky talking to Nate like this and she cringed. Mostly because she didn't think the two men could be in the same room to begin with. Not right now anyway. Maybe not ever. And that saddened her. Because all things considered she still saw Nate as a friend.

"I need him to be okay, though."
"I know." Eva got of the bed and it was then that Carol noticed that Eva was quite taller than her. An amazonian beauty, if she had to describe the other woman. "Caitlin will be back soon. She said she had to run a quick errand."

Carol started laughing and Eva looked at her in confusion. "Ah, you'll understand when you get to know Caitlin better."

"She set us up?" Eva quirked an eyebrow.
"She's an empath, what do you think?" Carol snorted and saw comprehension dawn on Eva's face.
"I see. I already found it strange that I had to sit here and wait for my headache to 'simmer' down after she gave me a tylenol." Eva shook her head, grinning.

"She has her reasons. I stopped figuring those out a long time ago." Carol gave as an advise.

"I liked talking to you Carol. I ah hope we can do this again sometime?" Eva looked at her hopeful and Carol just nodded.

"I would like that." She agreed, wondering if she just made a new friend. Eva walked out of the lab and left Carol alone.

Caitlin showed up a few moments later and Carol glared at her. "What?"

"You know what." Carol said shaking her head with a smile.
"I have no idea what you're talking about." Cait gave her most innocent face and started to prep the shot Carol had come for.

"Thank you, I guess."
"You're Welcome."
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.
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[In-Character] [Post #20]
Carol found herself in the gym, punching against a bag and trying not to break it with each punch. That was even harder than she thought, pulling her punches when anger was filling her body. She looked at the three ruined bags lying in the corner, and she softly cursed at herself. Yeah, it wasn't working out that greatly for her.

Another punch and the bag went flying, crashing hard against the wall.

"That's your fourth."
"I know." Carol grunted, walking towards the stack of new ones, and taking one from it to hang it from the now free hook.
"Should you be doing this?"
"I'm fine."
"I wasn't talking physically."

Carol looked at Caitlin, sitting on one of the benches far out of reach of where the bags could land if she punched it harder then she should. Grunting she returned to punching the bag.

"I'm fine, Cait."
"No you're not. You're angry."
"Of course I am." Because her boyfriend was working with the one woman who blamed Carol for everything going wrong in her life.
"And you think punching those poor bags is going to help?"
"Better those bags then her face." Carol muttered, punching and hearing the fabric strain.
"Carol..." Cait sighed, obviously having heard that comment.
"You know what. Talk to him about it."
"I'm not angry with him. Hell, I even understand why he is doing it. He needs this, she needs this. I'm not going to stand in their way." Another punch, another groan coming from the bag.
"Then what's bothering you?"

Carol sighed, caught the bag between her hands and looked at it. "She just angers me."
"I can tell." Cait said with a dry tone, glancing at the ruined punching bags.
"She keeps on blaming me for things that were out of my control. I can't fix that for her, but it's wearing me out fighting her over it. Over and over again." Carol closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and letting it out again. "She thinks I took her brother away from her, and I would never do that. Not in a million years. Not after what happened to mine. But instead of talking to me like a normal person, she accuses. Throws insults around." Stepping back she punched the bag again. Needing the physical release as much as the mental one.

"She doesn't know me. Has no idea what I have gone through, and that is fine. I don't need another confidant, but it would be nice once in a while to walk into a room with her and not be glared to death." Carol punched and the bag went flying again, crashing against the wall and then to the floor with a heavy thud.

"She blames you because it is easier than facing the one who caused her pain." Cait told her softly, looking at the bag on the floor and then to Carol who just stood there with her hands clenched into fists.

"I'm done being everyone's punching bag." Carol whispered, closing her eyes.
"So instead you're taking it out on the real ones?"
"Like I said, better them than her."
"No, Cait. I'm done. My body may be pretty much indestructible, but my mind isn't." Looking at her friend, she let out another deep sigh. "I don't need her issues becoming mine. She either deals with them without taking it out on me or..." Carol shrugged, not finishing that sentence because she had no idea what would happen.
"Or what?"
"I don't know, let's hope we never have to find out..." She walked towards the fresh punching bags and took one to hang it up from the hook. What really would help was if she could just fly and clear her mind in space but she had promised not to leave the theatre unaccompanied, and since no one else could fly in space The bags were the next best thing. She stepped back, and continued her routine. Trying to clear her mind without hurting anyone in the process. She didn't even hear Caitlin leave
Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end,
if not always in the way we expect.

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