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Glitching. For all intents and purposes … he still was. There were things saved in his head he apparently had no access to. In some regards that was a good thing, in more it was not. He had to real control. Not over himself, not over his programming. Jaxon found it was something he needed to remedy. Quickly. Glitching …

He looked up at Caitlin, listening to her as she laid out for him what had happened. He only had a few images to match to her story. There had not been any of his human side for her to hook her empathy into. That was the purpose of the protocol he had been injected with. Jaxon exhaled through his nose, not without exasperation. Then she told him how she had mentioned Elise – and even now her words triggered the memory he did have access to. That moment when she had brought but the other woman.

His heart ached and he could not suppress the sudden need for her to be at his side. Whenever she was here, climbed up onto this makeshift bed of his and into his arms he felt somewhat alive, somewhat normal.

Your love for her…

Jaxon swallowed at this. “Is that what it is?” he asked with a whisper then he found himself trapped by her gaze as she reminded him that there was life after all this. Jaxon agreed to some extent – just that he had no idea what it would look like. Would he ever be able to activate all his bionics again? Should he? Or should he leave it all as it was now? Just that last option really would mean no future, of any kind.

A sad smile stole across his face when Caitlin mentioned the children and how they wanted to see him. He could not go there. Not yet. He could not go near anyone really until he did not at least saw some security reinstalled. He had even begun entertaining the idea to just pack up some of that gear and leave the theatre for a while. Run tests, try out new coding … away from anyone under this roof he could otherwise put in danger.

Jaxon nodded when Caitlin urged him to let Elise help him. She was really the only one he could see at his side through all of this. She knew the coding, knew her way around his bionics to some extent and she was willing to entertain almost any of his ideas. She had been equally resistant to the kill switch idea but Jaxon had decided that eventually he would be able to convince her. She would see the necessity as well.

He prodded at the sensation in his chest, the one that would tighten and tug whenever he thought of Elise. Now with a label slapped across it. A word to put to it. Love. Jaxon had always been so certain that his programming, his bionics would remove the chance for him to get truly attached to anyone. Or so they had told him then when he had still been part of the Troy programme. And now? Now here he was, feeling guilt in spades as he looked at one of the very few true friends he had in his life. And thinking of another woman with a need and desire that dug their roots deeper and deeper into him.

Jaxon exhaled. “What about Gabriel?” And in his words there was the knowledge that Jaxon knew that Gabriel Summers would not allow for anyone to hurt or threaten his family. Jaxon did have access to an image like that – one were Gabriel was certainly ready and willing to just end him, right there and then.

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