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Crushed Daisy
02-27-2011, 06:42 PM
I have a two characters which i'd like to work on to roll out into stories. Both of them are different and would not be characters in the same story. Could I have your comments on them please? Are they worth adapting as lead's?

Ever since I was little life has just… Sucked? I don‘t know, some people just aren‘t destined to have it handed to them on a plate, problem is I‘ve not even been handed it to me on the sole of someone’s muddy shoe!

When I was 5 my mum left me and Effy… I remember it so well… We lived in this halfway house, you were only really allowed to stay for 3 nights at a time, but mum had some kind of agreement with the sweaty bald owner that allowed us longer than the dregs that poured in… and left just as quick. Effy‘s my… was… Truth is I don‘t know if Eff is an ‘Is‘ or a ‘Was‘… My younger sister, she was 1 at the time. Mum had left me for what seemed like the 80th time that night to go and take care of ‘business‘. I knew what that meant… Look after your sister, don‘t ask questions and don‘t expect me back until its light.

The thing is, that was the last time I saw my mum… She never came back for me and Effy. After three days spent in the damp, cold, rotten room the sweaty balding guy turfed us out… Said Eff was too noisy with all her crying. She was hungry. I was too, mum used to bring us bread rolls to eat but it had been three days since we last saw her. Enough was enough. Later that day I was found rooting through a dumpster for left-over’s, Effy in tow twiddling her hair around her finger. This old woman was glaring at us like street rats. All we got for that was a crack in the back with her stick and shooed away.

After two days sleeping in deserted door ways and eating food from anywhere we could scavenge it from we were taken in.

The Pound.

That’s what kids like us call it. Smile sweetly, do enough tricks and some nice-on-the-outside family will pluck you from the bunch and claim you as their newest addition. It was only a week when Effy got plucked. The social worker had promised me that me and ‘my‘ Effy would stay together. The world had different ideas for this 5 year old. Apparently nobody wanted a pre-schooler with an opinion so there I was, left at The Pound, without my Effy.

Sixth Birthday.

Twelfth Birthday.

Each went past with a blur. That was until two weeks ago when I managed to get out of that stench ridden lie. Since then I‘ve been busking on street corners, a little song and dance, poetry if you will, just to keep my head a-float y‘know? Anyway, Camden is the place to start as I mean to go on, I mean its as good as anywhere else.

Whoever said rotweillers were vicious has been mis-informed. They are what their owners mould them to be. A lot like kids that are rejected from The Pound. Imagine what goes on inside these kids heads, no one wants you… outcasted. Not me. I never wanted anything from anyone.


She looked at the man, it was obvious he would be out to get her if she started to become awkward now, just a few more minuets and it will all be over… “How did I come to be here? Umm… Well I was born amongst the love and affection of Rhiannon and Foster. They are my parents names…” she shuffled again but seemed to relax a little this time “… My dad is a tinker fairy by trade, by golly gosh he can do some awesome stuff! I’ve never seen a tinker fairy with so much talent y’know.” Raisie seemed to find talking about her family really helped her nervous and fidgeting ways, how strange.

“My mum, Rhiannon? She passed away when I was one. Not before she taught me some super nifty flight tricks with my wings though. She was a seasonal fairy, Spring to be precise. Well, she was beautiful… fairy’s like my mum always are. They train all year round, preparing, waiting for their season to come and then off they go. Its amazing to watch them zoom around the earths plain and coax the plants to change, the animals to migrate or the birds to sing! My mum passed away though, did I say that already? Yes… A tragic accident through Winter season, she was encouraging the growth of the evergreens in a mountain range when the avalanche hit. They never recovered her body…” she was staring out into space, her arms out wide. It was then that she had realised her arms had been throwing their own shapes in wild descriptive patterns as she spoke.

“I’m actually on a mission to collect as many rare thimbles as possible. You do know what a thimble is don’t you? Well, my mum started the collection when she met my dad and since she passed away I’ve only been able to add two to her collection. It has to have the right shape, colour, texture… its not an easy task at all. With all the collections I’ve been making lately from the beans… y’know humans? I’ve had no time to do any research or searching to myself. Its really hard work to be out there collecting, there are different brackets as to how good an object rewards. You may find a freakin’ awesome pocket watch but another hoarders may claim a pocket watch with an anomaly. Us fairies like the odd… an object that was made… not quite right. That’s a prized possession.” she barely took a breath, it was like a whirlwind of words the way they exploded from her.

“I wound up right here, in front of you in the search for a REALLY rare thimble. My friend Trucker, he’s like this uber scavenger fairy, they seek information you see. Well anyways, he gave me a heads up you see. Its gold plated with a dear etched on it… but word is it has an anomaly! How amazing is that? I want this one for my collection, I don’t wish to sell it sir, you see?”


Thanks in advance guys!!! Anything you could suggest would be fab! :hug:

03-10-2011, 08:18 AM
Well, let us start with this. Both I think are nice bases to build on for full characters. I could easily both of these fitting into a few of the RPs we already have laid out and doing really well, if that’s what you want to do with them.

Well it be interesting to see how she interacts with others, it seems she be very independent. I think it be very fun to work her into a full lead for WWD. Her mother working in the oldest profession, her ‘sister’ being adopted and not her, how the street life affected her. Add in some magic powers and see what comes out. I mean there is so many ways you could work that in and come out with a fun and interesting lead, not to mention the drama possibilities from her past. I would really like to see her worked into a full character or at a short story on her and maybe a NPC for someone.


Well I only have some speech and a few actions to go on but she sounds fun. Although she would be hard to work into any RPs (except maybe a nymph in CHB or a Liderc from EC) I would really like to see more of this. Anyone who needs entire life history to ask to buy a thimble would be fun to read about. The idea she is collecting rare thimbles itself makes me want to know more. I would really like to see more of a back-story, maybe not a full bio but like slow assembly of history based on her talking with others, as you did here. I think she be great for a short story on but even if you worked her into one of the frameworks for the main RPs she be someone who’s story I follow.