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I like to write. Some people draw, some people do the whole music thing, whatever floats your boat. The link I provide takes you to a page where all the stories I list here are located for your convenience.

Just to make you happy, the stories are not in the color scheme of that page. They're plain black on white so they're easy on your eyes.

A disclaimer: If you are a tiny little munchkin, then don't click the link. If you are close-minded, don't click the link. If the idea of male on male contact freaks you out or offends you, don't click the link. If drug usage portrayed in stories freaks you out, don't click the link. If anorexia is something that disturbs you, don't click the link.

There is a high degree of homoeroticism in my work. No, there is no blatant sex whatsoever; I think that's trashy. If ya don't like it, don't look. If you're not sure, give it a try. Who knows, you might find something you like.

I don't like saying this because I think it's rude and diminuitive, but don't put any of my work on other sites. Yeah, I know I'm not good enough to wanna stick all over teh intarwebs, so don't. :)

I think that about covers it. Happy reading. :D

Oh, and please do let me know if you read something you like. Thanks.


Rave Boy

Joey is a highschool kid living in Mississippi, and hating his life, until he meets Jonathan, who recently moved to town. Trials and tribulations abound as the reader is taken deep into Joey's thoughts, follows his descent into drug abuse and addiction, and sees the world through Joey's eyes.


Take a glance at the disordered eating world with Seth, a gay teen obsessed with his weight. Ana takes over Seth's life slowly, but soon has a death grip on his every action. Eventually, anorexia dictates every decision, every move, everything in Seth's life.... but he still has to lose just a few more pounds.

Fin du RÍves

Not everybody gets their happy ending.

Out Of A Dream

A story about teenage love between two boys, and all the hardships, discoveries, happiness, and heartbreak that comes with it.

Somewhere Only We Know

Teenage experience, heartbreak, and growth. No plot twists, no surprises. A simple account of an actual event, presented in straightforward terms with the intent of giving the reader a taste of those incredibly potent teenage hormones, wants, needs, and dreams. Please enjoy.

This IS a true story, based entirely in actual events. Settings and names have been changed. Slight embellishments have been made to characters, though no specific events (such as the dancefloor kiss) were fabricated.

06-07-2007, 07:06 PM
Hmm... wonder what you think of my work? Trashy or no? You know I love yours...

*throws a sock at you*